Safest Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy

Safest Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy

Wondering about the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy? Honestly, there isn’t a hard and fast rule about which types of exercises are the safest, so if you’re looking for someone to tell you that it is okay to, say, run a marathon in your second trimester or compete in a triathlon during  your third, you’ll have to talk to your doctor. In fact, before starting any types of exercise during pregnancy, it’s best to consult with your obstetrician, as all women and all pregnancies are different. Still, there are some types of exercises that are typically deemed both safe and beneficial for pregnant women, making them a good place to start.

Exercise During Pregnancy: The Tried and True Safest Ways

  • Dancing. While I wouldn’t recommend heading into a mosh pit, dancing is a great way to safely exercise during pregnancy. Ballet is a great type of dance, especially if you use the balance bar to help keep you from toppling over. Ballroom dancing is also great exercise, just limit the swoops and swings once your center of gravity shifts.
  • Prenatal Yoga.  Many women find prenatal yoga both invigorating and relaxing. Doing yoga as your exercise during pregnancy can help keep your muscles toned and flexible. Plus, many of the poses strengthen your overall balance, which is a great benefit when you’re teetering during your third trimester!
  • Walking. If you’re looking for a great exercise during pregnancy that doesn’t require much commitment (or special equipment!), walking is ideal. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or local park. Just be sure to wear good, shock-absorbing sneakers!
  • Swimming. This is one of the safest ways to stay fit during your pregnancy, as it is low-impact yet still provides a good aerobic workout. It’s also good for back problems and soothing aching muscles. Plus, you’ll feel weightless in the pool!
  • Aerobic classes geared specifically toward pregnant women. Typically, it is safe to do low-impact aerobics. Emphasis on “low-impact,” you don’t want to jolt your stomach around too much! While you don’t need a special class to do them, you may want to try one out just until you get the hang of the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy.

Tips for Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

  • Start slow. Don’t just dive into a new exercise program, especially if you’ve never exercised before. Start with a few minutes a day and see how you feel before amping it up.
  • Protect yourself and your baby. Wear the best possible shoes to absorb impact, don appropriate garb that stretches with your body, and wear a maternity belt to help support your growing tummy.
  • Talk to your doctor first! Before starting any exercise program when you’re pregnant, you really should talk to someone who knows your health needs best.


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