Is It Normal to Lose Weight During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy?


Is it normal to lose weight during the second trimester of pregnancy? That’s the question of the day and one we hope to answer for you! Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for parents. As a pregnant woman, you get to feel a precious life growing inside of you. You get to experience the joy of listening to your child’s heartbeat for the first time, of feeling the first movement, of finding out the sex of the baby, and more.

Of course, you’ve probably made lifestyle changes that will help keep your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy. You’re gaining weight, you’re eating healthier, and you’re keeping both baby and mommy safe and healthy. But what happens if you lose weight during the second trimester of pregnancy? We’re here to answer your questions about what’s considered healthy (and not healthy) during this trimester. Just remember, though: we’re not doctors. This is not meant to replace real medical advice.

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Is It Normal to Lose Weight During the Second Trimester

A Little Weight Loss is OK

Losing a pound or two in the middle of your second trimester can be normal, especially if you’re experiencing nausea still. If you were overweight before your pregnancy or gained a lot during your first trimester, you might also notice that you don’t gain a lot of weight during this time.

Beware of Constant Weight Loss

If you continually lose weight each week of your second trimester, you need to be cautious. Generally, the second trimester is the weight gain trimester as your child grows each week. On average, you should gain about 1 pound per week of your second trimester, which means that continual weight loss could be a sign that something is wrong.

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Talk to Your Doctor

If you have any concerns about the well-being of your child or the progression of your pregnancy, our best advice is to talk to your OBGYN. As an experienced medical professional, your doctor will be able to give you the best advice based on your medical history and knowledge of your pregnancy. If your doctor is concerned, they might give you an ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth. If the baby is continuing to grow despite your weight loss, then most likely your body is simply making better use of your stored fat.

Although weight loss can be experienced during the second trimester, it is not the norm. Most women gain weight on a weekly basis during this trimester.

Did you gain weight or lose weight during the second trimester? We’d love to hear about your experiences.


30 thoughts on “Is It Normal to Lose Weight During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy?”

  1. The fourth month I was 59kgs but now I have completed the fifth month and am now 58.i can feel the baby kick and I don’t have nausea only salvation ,so am confused

  2. I have lost 6 lbs in my first trimester, and now I’ve lost 2 lbs in my second so far. I am 17 weeks and the doctors don’t seem concerned at all, but it feels weird to me to be eating all day and still losing weight. I guess I’ll be concerned when they are concerned.

  3. 22 weeks today was 140 before I got pregnant I’m 5’1 now I’m 123.6 doctor said baby is fine and looks completely healthy so that’s a good thing

  4. 18th week now. I was 63kg before i got pregnant. I lose weight during my 1st trimester from 63 to 54kg. Now i am not gaining weight i have been monitoring my weight every 2 weeks sometimes 3 if i forgot. Now i’m 58.7kg. I don’t do much nowadays, since i took a break at work, i don’t eat junk foods and sweets cuz it still makes me sick. I eat little by little from time to time. So i don’t know if there’s something i need to worry about.

  5. Hi, my name is Sue. In my first trimester, I lost 5 pounds. I was really surprised that I never lose weight and found out that I’m pregnant. Now, I’m in my 4th week of 2nd trimester and my weight is still the same (144 pounds). I’m becoming concerned about this as it’s already in the 4th week of 2nd trimester and not even increase a pound. Does anyone have the same issue during pregnancies and deliver a healthy baby? Thanks.

    1. Masuda Akter Tonima

      20th week here. I was around 69kg when I I got my positive test. 20 weeks later I am measuring 64.9kg. I am not eating less or even doing any physical work, so I am beginning to worry as I eat whatever I feel and yet I lost weight.

  6. My daughter is pregnant for the first time and gets upset about weight loss. I told her it was normal but people seem to think you should only gain during pregnancy.

  7. I lost weight during my 3rd trimester and my blood pressure was a bit high. My doctor monitored us closely. It’s always good to check with your doctor.

    1. I’m in my 2nd trimester I gained a little extra weight in my 1st trimester but due to me walking all the time plus drinking water constantly I’ve lost 6 pounds my sister who is in her last year of nursing school said it’s not normal but my mother said it’s fine

  8. I actually lost weight during my 3rd trimester but because I was grieving the loss of a loved one and unable to eat. My doctor monitored it but it wasn’t anything too drastic so everything turned out completely fine.

  9. Wow. Posts like these make me realize I am so clueless as to this kind of information. Having never been pregnant I’m still a total newbie to this kind of information, I can imagine it is really helpful to those who are going through the whole process for the first time. – Katy

  10. I don’t remember losing any weight when I was pregnant but I didn’t gain much either. If you’re losing you should see your doctor because it could be a sign that something is wrong.

  11. During my first pregnancy I lost weight every time I went to the doctors office until I hit my sixth month and then all of a sudden weight loss was not an issue, with my second, I started gaining weight in my 2nd month and couldn’t even button my pants.. I agree that if you feel it’s unsafe talk to a PROFESSIONAL…

  12. It’s definitely a good idea to get checked out if you’re having issues with weight gain and loss. I definitely had some gain in my second trimester.

  13. I lost weight in my 3rd trimester with my middle child..not a ton or anything but thankfully I had midwife who proceeded with further testing (I had an OB also- she said it was fine..) because my I ended up having an emergency induction due to issues.. but yes, it’s best to talk to a dr although in my case I did and thankfully I had decided to switch mid pregnancy to alternate care because they caught what was going on.

  14. Robin {Masshole Mommy}

    It’s definitely best to talk to your doctor about what a healthy weight loss or gain is during pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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