Lose the Baby Fat: 4 Exercise Tips for Exercise After Pregnancy

lose-the-baby-fat-4-exercise-tips-for-exercise-after-pregnancyFind the best ways to lose the baby fat and exercise after pregnancy.

After having a baby, many women want to exercise after pregnancy and get back in shape as quickly as possible. But, slow and easy is the best way to ensure healthy weight loss for the new mom. Most doctors will recommend that the mom waits until after the postpartum checkup and after any bleeding has stopped before beginning to exercise after pregnancy. If the new mother had the baby by cesarean, they should wait until the abdomen area has completely healed.


A person who is used to exercising will want to get started almost immediately. There are many great workouts for women that can help with getting back into shape. Walking is a good way to begin, and can start right after the baby is born. Just go slowly and listen to the body. A stroll around the neighborhood with the new baby is a moderate exercise for the mother and gets the baby out in the fresh air. A woman should always check with her physician before beginning any exercise after pregnancy.

Exercise After Pregnancy Advice

In order to ensure that exercises after pregnancy is suitable for one’s specific needs, one should consider some of the following advice given. Every woman is different, and pregnancy and birth will affect not only the body but emotions as well. Some new mothers will feel overwhelmed with the new baby, so should not begin adding further stress by worrying about exercising. The new mother should take her time emotionally and mentally before adding exercise to her daily routine.

On the other hand, that are many great exercises that will boost energy and get one back into shape while making the woman feel good about herself. The time spent exercising is something that she is doing for herself during a time when the new baby seems to be taking up every moment of the day.

It can take up to six months for a woman’s body to return to its pre-pregnancy shape and condition. When a mother is nursing her baby, she needs all the nutrients required in a healthy eating plan. This is not the time to start a new diet. Plus, due to late night feedings for the baby, the mother needs her strength so should be eating to maintain her energy. Slow weight loss is important, or the body will rebel causing illness and other health-related problems.

Exercise Routines for Exercises After Pregnancy

Spot exercising does not normally work, so the exercise after pregnancy program must include total body workouts as well as aerobic exercise. An easy way to begin a great weight-reducing, a heart-strengthening cardiovascular exercise program is through interval training. A 20-minute interval exercise after pregnancy workout will burn as many calories as running on the treadmill or elliptical for an hour. And since time is important for the new mom, every exercise should result in maximum benefits in minimal time.

1. Twenty-Minute Interval Workout

The 20-minute cardio workout includes walking and jogging. The jogging can be slow or a really fast walk. The point is to get the heart rate up for 30-seconds, then slow it down for 90-seconds in an eight-set interval.

  • Warm up by walking for two minutes.
  • Jog or walk briskly for 30 seconds
  • Walk at a pretty fast pace for 90 seconds

Repeat this interval eight times, and then cool down for two minutes. The point is to keep the body moving at an aerobic pace and revving it up during the jogging phase. Interval training increases the metabolism so the body is efficiently burning fat all day.

2. Core Exercises

Probably the first thing most new mothers want to get in shape is the stomach area. Having a baby really affects the stomach, hips and thighs. Don’t forget the back; strengthening the back supports the core muscles, so work that area as well. In the essence of maximizing the workout and minimizing the time, investing in a stability ball will increase the efficiency of any abdominal exercises. Doing abdominal crunches on the stability ball isolates the abdominal muscles for a higher intensity workout.

To work the entire core muscles, lying on the floor and performing bicycle crunches is also very effective.

  • Lie on the back with hands behind the head and feet extended.
  • Raise the left knee to the chest while at the same time bringing the right elbow towards the knee
  • Repeat on opposite side

This focuses on the core and side (oblique) muscles.

3. Stretching Exercises

Yoga or Pilates will stretch the body and elongate the muscles for a leaner body. There are yoga and Pilates tapes that can be used while the baby is taking a nap. Both workouts are soothing, so will ease the body and mind into a relaxed state. Yoga also focuses on the principles of meditation and stilling the mind, so it will help the new mother cope with the demands of the baby and household mentally and emotionally.

4. Weight Training

Using inexpensive hand weights will increase the body’s fat-burning mechanism. Using five to eight pound weights will tone the body without building bulky muscles. Quick exercises include:

•Bicep curls – holding weights in each hand with arms in a downward, hanging position bend the elbows to raise the hands until the weights nearly touch the shoulders, and then straighten the arms back down. Perform three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

•Triceps curls – these can be done on the edge of a chair or step. If sitting on a chair extend the body out until only the palms are gripping the edge of the chair. The hands should be behind the person with the legs at a 90-degree angle in front. Now, dip the body until the elbows are bent, and then straighten the arms again. Repeat and perform three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

These simple exercises will provide a heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise after pregnancy workout that also strengthens and tones the legs, a workout for the core area, weight training for slimmer and toned arms, and stretching for the entire body. So make sure you use these tips and begin to exercise after pregnancy!

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  1. I took classes when my daughter was young at the YMCA (which had great childcare). It was a nice break for the two of us.

    1. Laura, 4 kids : You are my STAR. I am having hard time with 2. LOL.
      I nursed few months with my first baby and nursed 1 year with my second one. I exercised more with my second. I lost weight faster than the first

    1. Thanks Jamie. Yes it is so hard to get back to pre-pregnancy shape. I did not exercise after my first baby and it took me around 2 years to lose my weight. I exercised more after my second pregnancy and I managed to lose weight a bit faster!!

    1. Darcy,
      It took me more than a year to lose the pregnancy weight.
      Walking helped me a lot. I used to walk with other mothers , it was a great moment for me and baby.
      Thanks for the stumble. I stumbled back

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