How to dress when pregnant : Second trimester

How to Dress When Pregnant in the Second trimester: It’s all about transitional clothing!

Deciding how to dress when pregnant, especially during the second trimester, can be a challenge. By the end of the first trimester, your belly popped out and your refurbished clothes do not do the job anymore. But it is a bit early for maternity clothes because your belly is not big enough. Basically, you’re in a transitional stage, and you need the clothes that go along with it!

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You need transitional clothes such as a couple of skirts and pants with elastic waist bands that are a size larger than you normally wear. If you’re already fairly small around the waste, you can shop the regular section of your favorite clothing store, just opt for a bigger size. If you’re on the borderline and can’t quite fit into the “misses” clothing anymore, head the plus sizes section at any store. While plus sizes tend to cost a few dollars more, they’re still less expensive than maternity clothes. To really maximize your savings, choose clothes for their stretch capacity. Skirts and pants with an elastic waist can grow with your belly, sometimes well into the third trimester!

Not ready to give up your favorite pants yet? A maternity belt may help! It’s like an extender for your pants. While it may not be comfortable in the later stages of pregnancy, it can add a few more weeks of wear to your regular pants. It’s also great for after the baby is born, as you work on losing your pregnancy weight and start getting back into your old clothes.

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Just about all transitional clothes can be useful after giving birth because it takes some time for your body to get back to its shape before pregnancy.Do not forget the shoes when deciding how to dress when pregnant! As the ligaments in your feet soften, you may find that your feet are half a size bigger, making previously well fitting shoes tight.