What You Need to Know About Prenatal Massages During Your 3rd Trimester


Getting a prenatal massage in your third trimester might be the best time to get one! Are there precautions to take?

Getting a prenatal massage in your third trimester might be the best time to get one!  You are no doubt counting down the time until you are not pregnant anymore (oh right and of course to meet your baby!)  The last trimester is where you are just done.  Cooked.  Had enough.  Your feet might be swelling (my legs blew up!)  Your back probably aches from all the front weight, which in turn also makes your feet ache from carrying all the extra weight, even if you haven’t gained much, carrying around that belly is no easy task!  

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Before you pencil in a relaxing 30 minutes or so, there are some things you want to keep in mind before you make an appointment.  

Prenatal Massage in Your Third Trimester: What You NEED to Know

Avoid deep tissue

At least on certain areas of your body.  Your legs, for example, could be housing blood clots and if dislodged, well, it isn’t good.  Deep tissue (well massage in general really) releases toxins to move out of your body.  This is the reason for you to drink plenty of water before and after.  

Doc’s a-ok

You want to be sure this is ok with your doctor.  As long as your pregnancy has been healthy, you should be fine.  But get the clearance before scheduling your appointment.  Nothing is more disappointing than thinking you are going in for a massage and then your bubble is burst. You want to make sure it’s safe to get a prenatal massage


 Make sure before you go that your massage therapist has everything you need to be comfortable.  Chances are yes, but you want to be sure.  If they specialize in prenatal massage, then they will and they will also know what parts of your body to avoid massaging in order to not trigger labor (What?!  Yes that can happen).  They might even have a super special table just for you and you prego belly!

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Lowered anxiety

 Are you anxious about giving birth?  Having a massage in your third trimester (or anytime really) helps to lower anxiety.  It also releases serotonin and dopamine into your system (natural ‘feel good’ chemicals in your body).

Get some zzzzz’s

I don’t mean on the massage table but by all means, take a nap!  Getting massaged helps to calm your body down and help you to sleep better.  As you probably know, sleep when pregnant is practically non-existent (I liked to think of it as my body’s way of preparing me for when the baby came and sleep was something I used to do).  

Getting massaged is wonderful pregnant or not, but something about having such aches and pains from carrying a baby, extra fluid and extra weight is amazing.  As long as you are aware of the precautions and your pregnancy is healthy (and you get the ok from the doc) go ahead and get pampered!  Once your little bundle of joy makes her grand entrance into the world, who knows when you will get to do this again.


Did you get a prenatal massage in your third trimester?  What are some things to think about before scheduling an appointment?  Share with us in the comment section below!

21 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Prenatal Massages During Your 3rd Trimester”

  1. Angela Waterford

    I’ve just passed my third trimester of pregnancy and I’m starting to have severe back pains that render me useless throughout the day from needing to lie down all the time. My sister recommended getting a massage, but I wasn’t sure if getting one while pregnant was a good idea so I wanted to thank you for your advice. I like how you mentioned getting a prenatal massage to make sure that they are experienced in caring for pregnant women. I’ll mention this information to my sister as well so we can schedule a massage appointment.

  2. A prenatal massage is a great idea. My baby is 18 and I remember those last few weeks of complete discomfort and lack of sleep. She was definitely preparing me for her sleep (or lack of) schedule.

  3. I wish I had these during my 4 pregnancies, I as always scared I wasn’t allowed. So I guess you could say I made myself suffer. I’m glad to know in the future I’m able to have one and what to watch out for and prepare for.

  4. Having a rare form of arthritis and having had three big babies, a prenatal massage would have been amazing at any point in my pregnancies! If I were to have another baby, I will keep these things in mind and I will be getting a massage next time!

  5. I wish I would have done that! I had a pretty easy pregnancy, not counting the third trimester. I swear it almost killed me. The back pain was so bad, and I could hardly get out of bed! If I have another baby, I will definitely be getting a massage!

  6. If you can get a massage from a qualified therapist in the third trimester, you can definitely lower your stress levels. Lowering your stress and reducing your tension are all great things for you and the baby ;)

  7. I am past this stage, however, I have younger family members who would benefit from reading this post. I’ll be sharing it with them. Pregnancy is a difficult phase to go through, physically, emotionally and mentally. We must do what we need to do to prepare ourselves for the big day.

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