Five Of The Best Pregnancy Journal Books

Check out our picks for 5 of the most beautiful pregnancy journal books & start capturing your favorite memories in words!

Keeping a pregnancy journal is such a fun way to keep track of everything related to your growing baby: from the moment you find out; to weekly weigh-ins; and everything in between.  Keeping track of your emotions throughout your pregnancy can also be a great way of dealing with some of the anxiety that goes along with becoming a mother.

Journaling throughout your pregnancy can help you remember things that you might otherwise forget (trust me, you absolutely will!), and make a beautiful family keepsake.  Here’s a list of five of the best pregnancy journal books out there, loved by moms and moms to be!

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Five Beautiful Pregnancy Journal Books

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Bump To Birthday, Pregnancy & First Year Journal by Journals of a Lifetime and Helen Stephens

Bump to Birthday Pregnancy Journal

A lovely journal which combines both your pregnancy and your baby’s first year.  This journal contains lots of information about-about your baby’s development, as well as providing space to document everything from your feelings; your changing body; how you met your partner, etc. Full of beautiful illustrations, this journal, is a wonderful souvenir of your pregnancy and beyond!  Find it here

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal For You And Your Growing Belly” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Belly Book Pregnancy Journal

A really fun way to track your pregnancy, with sections for weekly pictures of your growing belly, as well as ultrasounds.  It also includes surveys for every trimester to help you keep track of pretty much everything to do with your growing baby (and belly!), including cravings; what you love (and don’t) about being pregnant;  mood swings; and much, more.  A wonderful keepsake to help organize all your thoughts and feelings that go along with being pregnant.  Find it here.

40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal” by Kate Pocrass

40ish weeks pregnancy journal

A cute journal, with plenty of space to record all kinds of things related to your pregnancy including your reaction to the news; questions to ask your doctor; cravings; and more.  Full of funny comments about being pregnant and reminders of when to schedule appointments, this journal is a must for moms who want to document all of the fun, scary and personal changes of their pregnancy.  Find it on Amazon

When We Became Three: A Memory Book For The Modern Family” by Jill Caryl Weiner

When We Became Three Pregnancy Journal

A fantastic journal, which includes the unique story of you and your partner before your pregnancy; and includes dad’s as much as mom’s feelings in the process.  Weiner’s writing style is hilarious and creative, making this journal a joy for both parents to fill out and enjoy for years to come!  Available through Amazon.

From Pea To Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal” by Geralyn Brody Murray

from pea to pumpkin pregnancy journal

This is such a fun way to keep track of your pregnancy week to week, with gorgeous watercolor illustrations of the fruits or vegetables that your baby is the size of throughout.  Includes funny prompts and fill-in-the-blanks which make it and easy and enjoyable to chronicle your pregnancy.  You can find it on Amazon.

Being pregnant can be one of the most wonderful and special times in a mom’s life. Taking the time to journal your feelings and how your body is changing will make an invaluable souvenir that you will enjoy for years to come.

Did you have a favorite pregnancy journal book that you wrote in when you were expecting? Share in the comments!

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  1. I always told myself that I would keep record of my pregnancies but that never happened! These are really beautiful journals though and would love to have done one like it.

  2. Sadly, no one kept a pregnancy journal for me. My husband’s mother kept one, and it was the cutest little book I have ever seen! I learned a lot of embarrassing facts about him from that book hehe!

  3. My pregnancy should be coming to a close next week otherwise I’d be all over these. Such a good fun idea. Wish I had them for my previous pregnancies to keep track of everything!

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