Cute Maternity Fashions to Wear For Your Baby Shower

Dress up in cute pregnancy clothes for your baby shower with our picks for the best maternity fashion for parties!

Looking for cute pregnancy clothes for your baby shower? We have you covered (literally!). It’s an exciting time once you reach your third trimester. Your baby is almost here,  you’re getting everything together (packing for the hospital, baby-proofing your home, etc.), and for many of you, a baby shower is being planned and is nearly in full swing!

But, the big question still looms: what should you wear?

For many in their third trimester, maternity clothes become “a must.” You’re suddenly carrying this huge bump, but you want to look your best for yours and baby’s celebration. For those who want to doll-up and find that perfect dress for this sweet occasion, we found 12 dresses that not only scream “fashionista” but are incredibly comfortable as well.

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Cute Pregnancy Clothes for Your Baby Shower

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Lace Dresses

For those of you who just adore lace: you have an excellent reason to. Lace offers delicacy in an outfit, can add a nice touch of femininity, and can elevate a dress even in its most simple cut and form.

  • This Sleeveless Lace Yoke Print dress boasts a nice “high-low” aspect hemline. We just love how the lace details add some delicacy to an otherwise bold print. Comes with a belt to create a flattering waistline.   
  • Navy and lace are always a winning combination. With its ¾ sleeves, this dress is ideal for those who like sporting dresses with a bit of coverage but still isn’t too constricting. The lace from top to bottom gives this simple cut an elegant look.
  • For something a little more formal, we found this Crewneck Crochet Sheath Dress. Wear it on its own or top it with a blazer. This dress is also great to have on hand if you’re one to often attend weddings.
  • The coral lace on this number really did it for us. The vibrant colors used in this dress just make us want to get up and party!

Flowy Dresses

Dresses are great but being in your third trimester; sometimes you just want to sport something with a bit of wiggle room.

  • This swing dress doesn’t only have a spacious shape to it, but the jersey material that it’s made of is just oh-so-comfortable. The turtleneck is ideal for those celebrating their shower at a much nippier time of the year.
  • The sleeves in this kimono-style dress are just absolutely adorable! We especially love it in the Blue Baritone color – a nice, rich jewel tone to add elegance and sophistication to a really comfortable outfit.
  • A skater dress always has more room and gives off a flowy hemline. When we found this one especially made for maternity-wear, we just knew that it would be perfect for you and your baby bump.
  • We love this strapless dress for its cute pattern and summery vibe. Dress it up with a few pieces of jewelry, a sunhat, and some cute sandals, and you’re ready to go!

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have been trending for a few years now, and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. Maxi dresses can be dressed up rather easily, and we love the fact that they flatter so many different figures. They have been particularly popular in maternal wear as of the late.

  • Not only is this stunning number a piece from the Liz Lange for Target line, but we love its ultra-flattering neckline and bohemian-style print.
  • We can totally see this being paired with a dark denim jacket and a statement necklace. This sleeveless maternity maxi dress is lightweight and features a flattering scoop neck, perfect for accessorizing and dressing up with ease.
  • When we spotted this dress in its wild cherry color, we fell in instant “fashion love.” Sophisticated and dressy, yet, comfortable and functional: this dress boasts a “tiered look” and is beautiful for many different occasions (especially your baby shower!).
  • If you want something with a little more coverage, this dress features ¾ sleeves and a shallow v-neck line. The empire waist creates great shape, and we find the print to be absolutely fabulous.


At this stage in your pregnancy, you can use all the support you can get: and this also includes undergarments. We found some pretty practical ones for you:

  • This seamless bra will not only follow you through your pregnancy but is also a fantastic nursing bra. With removable pads and an easy one-hand nursing release, it’ll make breastfeeding that much easier once your little one finally arrives!
  • Many of the dresses we listed on this article would go great with a pair of leggings. The top on this pair gives you maximum control and support, so it scales high on the “comfortable meter.” Sport it with a long comfortable sweater or a pretty tunic – so versatile and so practical!
  • Many women claim that bands are an “ultimate essential” in maternity wear. They help keep clothes in place during and even post-pregnancy. We love the price tag on these but love its high ratings and reviews even more.
  • There’s nothing worse than chaffing while wearing a dress or skirt during pregnancy. With a pair of cotton shorts (like these), you can help fight any type of uncomfortable chaffing.

Are you having a baby shower? What cute pregnancy clothes do you think you’ll be sporting on your special day? Let us know in the comments below!

45 thoughts on “Cute Maternity Fashions to Wear For Your Baby Shower”

  1. For baby number one I did a short tight dress that I loved with leggings. For number two we had a small brunch and I went with a long flowy maxi dress. Both were comfortable that is totally the key with baby shower dresses! Very cute list.

  2. These outfits are beautiful for maternity. I love that you’re encouraging women to feel super beautiful whilst being pregnant!

  3. These are all great choices to consider for a pregnant woman! I never had a baby shower with any of my three pregnancies but I would have gone for comfort above all else.

  4. This is proof that just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look great! This is a great resource showcasing a wide variety of adorable options. I was just thinking the other day how I actually liked maternity clothes, especially dresses. I wish I’d had a post like this when I was in need of maternity clothes.

  5. I love the maxi dresses! I ended up being the biggest in my pregnancies in the summer and I swear dresses were the only way I got through! Not to mention they make you feel good :)

  6. Those are all lovely! I like dresses especially when I was pregnant with my kids because they’re so comfy and it’s really easy to move around. These dresses will definitely be perfect for your baby shower.

  7. These are so great! I’m a huuuge fan of the flowy and maxi dresses, pregnant or not :) there are definitely perks to being in the third trimester in the middle of summer!

  8. These styles are so cool! I wish I had gone out shopping more when I was pregnant. I never wore clothes I loved, but it would have made me much more comfortable.

  9. I love flattering Maternity, you totally deserve to feel pretty because you are doing one of the most important things on this earth – becoming a mother!

  10. Such great and stylish pieces! I remember what I wore to my baby shower when I had my twins. It was no flattering at all. So much better choices these days.

  11. This was such a struggle for me during my first pregnancy… by the time the baby shower rolls around, I felt like a walking bowling ball! Maxi dresses saved my life during those last couple of months, and I love all of these suggestions!

  12. These are all such cute options! I love the maxi dresses the most. They are always so flattering! This is a great round up!

  13. I am in love with all these outfits that looks simply amazing and so much comfy as well. The Maxi Dresses are something that I preferred so much during my pregnancy times and nursing bras could help a lot too!

  14. These are all such cute clothes. I wish I had some better clothes like this when I was pregnant with my girls. I just love the dresses.

  15. I love that navy blue lace dress, it’s so pretty! There are so many cute maternity options these days – I’ve seen a ton of adorable things in Nordstrom! Great post!

  16. That’s awesome! I love the dresses, they’re perfect because they look so comfy. It’s easier to walk around with wearing these especially if you’re hosting a baby shower!

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