Cute & Easy Long Hairstyles For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant can take a toll on how you feel, but these cute and easy hairstyles for long hair can keep you feeling stylish, beautiful and totally glam all nine months!


When you find out you’re pregnant, caring for your hair is the least of your concerns.  These Cute & Easy Long Hairstyles For Pregnant Women will make it easy to style your hair on even the days you don’t feel like doing anything.  Of course, we took to Pinterest to find some great ideas to share with you.  Take a look at the links provided to learn how to perfect each of these styles for yourself at home.



Inside Out Ponytail:  This look is great for the woman who wants a classy look in very little time.  Being pregnant means there will be mornings when fussing with your hair is just not on your list, but if you work outside the home or have an errand to run, you still want to look pulled together.  This look is a simple variation on a ponytail and updo that is easy to manage in just a few minutes.


Celic Knot:  This looks a lot more difficult than it is. I actually tested this out when I was doing research for this post, because my hair is long (to my waist) and even though I am not expecting, I love simple and quick styles. A few quick twists and you have a simple half up style that keeps your hair out of your face gracefully.


The Bouffant Bun:  I love this look!  A few hair ties and pins and you have a cute updo that looks great with your favorite t-shirt and leggings, but is pretty enough to wear for a fancy dinner or date night.  It only takes a few minutes to pull off, and it works great for medium and longer lengths of hair.


The 10 Second Top Knot:  This is the easiest of them all.  It takes no time at all to twist your hair into a simple not, secure and go.  If the fly away hair others you, grab a simple headband to secure and create a bit more flare. This is my go-to style during the hot summer months when long hair can become bothersome.


Rolled Side Ponytail:  I adore this look!  So simple, fun and of course reminiscent of some of our favorite heroines in movies of recent years.  This simple method of rolling your hair adds pizazz to a simple ponytail that would otherwise be blah.  A perfect easy long hairstyle for pregnant women to pull off on their busy days.

These cute and easy long hairstyles for pregnant women are some of favorite year round.  Not only are they great for pregnant women, they are perfect for any woman with long hair to tame!

 Which of these cute & easy long hairstyles for pregnant women are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Cute & Easy Long Hairstyles For Pregnant Women”

  1. I really need to find some new ways to do my hair. I’m growing it long after wearing it around my ears for several years, and post-baby I’ve lost a lot of my curl (heavy wave, once was tight curls), and don’t know what to do with it, especially as it’s going through funky stages. Right now it’s to the middle of my back, and the shortest layer hits my collar bone, making my look…well, funny. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. These are really cute! Being pregnant you’re lucky if you see my hair outside of a messy, just tossed up bun. I’ll have to try some of these, and soon. I would definitely feel pretty with any of these hair styles.

  3. I love the first three. Those are adorable. My hair has always been long and I’ll tell ya, I could have benefited from an up-do when I was pregnant with my son. In the middle of the hot summer our air conditioning went out and i was miserable.

  4. Those are so great! I’ve had short hair forever, and I was never so happy to have it as I was when I was pregnant. Thanks for sharing these easy dos!

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