Can I Dye My Hair When Pregnant?

Many women wonder if they can continue their hair regimen and dye their hair when pregnant? Find out if you can safely continue and some really fun alternatives to keep you feeling beautiful and stylish.

One of the top questions moms to be will ask as they approach their beauty regimen during pregnancy, is Can I Dye My Hair When Pregnant? While the answer to this question is yes, we are going to take some time to share with you some other fun alternatives if you are still feeling unsure. For those who are concerned about the process and potential harm of using chemical hair dyes, you can check out this informative pdf provided by OTIS.

What to Look for in Safe Beauty Products during Pregnancy


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YES! As the OTIS pdf will tell you in simple terms, the amount of chemicals absorbed into your skin during the process of dye application is so nominal it has no known effect on your baby. However, many mothers to be are still hesitant and wish to do something alternative. Since we want to provide you with all of the information and options available, we are glad to share some fun ways you can color your hair without chemical involvement.

CAN I DYE MY HAIR WHEN PREGNANT? Yes, but Hair Chalk is also a fun alternative!

Hair Chalks: This is something that has become highly popular with tweens and teens in recent years, but is also a great fun way to mix things up for any woman. Typically available in bright colors, these simple hair chalks rub onto your hair and wash out at your next shampoo. They are great for coloring for special events in colors like green, purple, pink, blue or orange. It’s a fun alternative that can help give you a quick pick me up.

Vegetable Dyes: The most noted vegetable dye is henna. While henna is best known for the bright red or orange hue, it can be found in a multitude of hues that range from an almost orange to a deep burgundy. This is a great natural way to dye your hair during pregnancy. The process can be messy, a bit complicated and often pricier than your typical box hair dye from the local drug store. However, it is a chemical free natural hair color that is long lasting and can give your hair a revitalized healthy look during pregnancy.

Embrace Your Natural Color: Many women find this the perfect time to go back to their roots, literally. If you are planning a pregnancy and know ahead of time, you can begin by having your hair dyed back to closely match your natural color. As your hair grows out, you’ll have less of a difference in color so your roots won’t require touch ups as during your pregnancy. For those who aren’t prepared in advance, you can change your hair style as your roots grow out to make them less obvious. If there is a drastic difference, you may want to wear more headbands, hats or turbans. Or simply admit that you have been dying your hair, but have chosen not to for the safety of your child.

While it has been studied by many industry professionals and medical personnel, the safety of hair dye in pregnancy is still a very controversial subject. If you have been asking yourself can you dye your hair while pregnant the answer is yes. Whether you choose traditional dyes or other alternative methods, you can always maintain your hairstyle with ease and fun.

Did you dye your hair when pregnant? What method did you use? Tell us in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Can I Dye My Hair When Pregnant?”

  1. I have been searching about this and good to know dyeing my hair won’t cause any issue, thanks for the info. I might try vegetable dye or natural dyes.

  2. I worried about this so much when I was preggo and ended up just letting my hair go natural. I’m so glad to know that there are options to keep your hair looking great!

  3. I never dyed my hair except for one time, and I was not pregnant then. I have been thinking about getting some purple highlights in my naturally gray hair, though, and using a hair chalk to audition the color would be a good thing to do.

  4. I avoided dyes while pregnant but I’ll be honest and wish I could have dyed my hair. I hate my hair color and wish my birth photos would have been ‘prettier’. Now I’m waiting because I’m breastfeeding.

  5. I dyed mine with all three of my kids. I heard it was safe from my OB. To be safe though I started to switch it up with the semi permanent kind. It wasnt as stinky lol

  6. This is good to know. I dyed mine with all three kids even though I did hear that it might now be great. I am hoping for number 4 this year :)

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