Boho Pregnancy Fashions For the Hip Mama-to-Be

Show off your unique style while you grow that baby bump with these incredibly gorgeous and comfy Boho pregnancy fashions!

I am so jealous of all your mamas-to-be out there, your choices in maternity clothes are so much better than it was when I was pregnant just 11 years ago! My favorites are the Boho pregnancy fashions. So many colorful and comfortable options! The Boho look made a huge comeback last year, much to my pleasant surprise. I love the loose, flowing fashions. They fit just about any body type, unlike some other recent trends (skinny jeans, anyone?). Some of the boho fashions are so loose and comfortable, you can probably get away with wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes for quite a while. Once that baby bump really starts to pop out, though, you’ll want to switch to maternity clothes. Check out a few of my favorite boho pregnancy fashions!

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My Favorite Boho Pregnancy Fashions

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So, I was wondering exactly what constituted “boho fashions.” I mean, I know them when I see them, but what are they, exactly? Where did the term come from? As I’m sure you’ve probably guessed, “boho” comes from “bohemian.” The bohemian movement was pretty popular during the Beat Generation, back when Jack Kerouac was still “On the Road.” Today’s version, including boho pregnancy fashion,  is a mashup up Beatnik meets flower child. Super fun, super comfortable. Ready to check out a few pieces that would look great on your growing belly bump?

Everly Grey 3/4 Sleeve Dress


I love this Everly Grey dress! It looks so comfortable. The 3/4 sleeves are great for late summer/early fall before it gets too chilly out. It’s 100% cotton and has a really cute little cut-out on the back. The crochet trim around the neck is a nice touch!

Wide Leg Long Boho Maternity Palazzo Gaucho Pants


These Palazzo Gaucho pants are perfect for relaxing on the couch or going out in style. They come in 21 different colors (although I really like the plum), so you can grab a few pairs to coordinate with all your favorite tops. They Rayon/Spandex material gives quite a bit, which means you can wear them from your 1st to 3rd trimester.

Embroidered Peasant Dressy Tops


Looking for something that you can really dress up, yet still wear with your favorite pair of maternity jeans? These Embroidered Peasant topsboho-pregnancy-fashions are gorgeous. The style flatters just about any body shape, too. Like the pants above, this top comes in a great variety of colors. You could create an entire wardrobe out of these two items and never wear the same outfit twice.

Baroque Style Floral Printed Half Sleeve Dress


Okay, nevermind the fact that the model in that picture doesn’t look even remotely pregnant! I assure you, this Baroque-style dress IS, in fact, a maternity dress. I think I’d probably wear it with some leggings underneath, though. It’s a little shorter than I’m used to. I just really love the overall style of it! Just read the note about the sizing: it’s in Asia sizing, so you’ll want to go larger than your usual size.

Demetory Women Boho Sleeveless Maxi Dress


If you love the idea of Boho pregnancy fashions, but don’t want to look like you stepped back to your parents (or grandparents!) generation, this sleeveless dress is a great happy medium. It comes in a bunch of colors and styles. Some have spaghetti-strap sleeves and a few have no sleeves at all (like a halter top). Considering how well-endowed we tend to get during our pregnancies, I’m not sure how many people could pull off a halter top!  If you can, more power to you!

Of all these boho pregnancy fashions, I think the pants and the peasant top are my favorites. Like I said, with so many different colors to choose from, you could just wear those for the whole 9 months! Can’t you just feel the poetry of the beat generation flowing through you? Aren’t you just one with the universe right now? Let that inner beatnik out to play!

Do you have any favorite boho pregnancy fashions? Share in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Boho Pregnancy Fashions For the Hip Mama-to-Be”

  1. Pregnancy is such a wonderful period of your life & my goodness these are some good looking comfy outfits in different styles & colors. The Everly Grey and the Demetory are my favorites among these.

  2. I love this style! I don’t know if I could pull it off but I still love it. I would love to get one of the dresses. They look beautiful and comfy.

  3. Boho is perfect for pregnant women because of all the maxi dresses and the loose clothes! It’s really lovely. I like the pieces that you have here!

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