Best Pregnancy Yoga Books for Beginners & Experts

Thinking about trying out prenatal yoga? Check out our picks for the best pregnancy yoga books for everyone from beginners to experts!

Thinking about picking up a few pregnancy yoga books to see if they can help you relax a bit? Great idea! There are countless benefits to doing yoga – and maybe never more so than during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga practice can help your body by easing the strain of an ever-expanding belly, and helping expectant mothers feel more centered and less stressed. It can also help new moms recover from childbirth. Of course, like all things with pregnancy, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine!
With so many books out there, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Here is a list of some of the best pregnancy yoga books out there that I’ve come across.

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Best Pregnancy Yoga Books for Beginners & Beyond

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“Yoga For Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond” by Francoise Barbira Freedman

DK Yoga for Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

A wonderful book, broken down step-by-step with photos and breathing techniques. The book is also illustrated perfectly for expectant beginners who want to incorporate light physical activity into their days. There is also a great relaxation section, which moms-to-be will love! Find it here.

“Yoga For Pregnancy: Poses, Meditations, And Inspiration For Expectant And New Mothers” by Leslie Lekos and Megan Westgate

An excellent book, which focuses not only on the physical aspects of yoga but on so much more: meditation, nutrition, herbal remedies for pregnancy ailments, devotional chanting, and tips to connect with your baby. An inspirational way to continue your yoga practice during pregnancy and beyond! You can find it on Amazon.

“Iyengar Yoga For Motherhood: Safe Practice For Expectant And New Mothers” by Geeta S. Iyengar, Rita Keller, and Kerstin Khattab

Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood
An indispensable book for avid yogis wishing to continue their practice well into their pregnancies and the first 18 months of motherhood. The authors focus on the safety of poses and modifications to be made during pregnancy, including tweaks which can be done based on each expectant mom’s comfort and stage of pregnancy. A well thought out and intentioned book! Find it on Amazon.

“Pregnancy Health Yoga: Your Essential Guide For Bump, Birth And Beyond” by Tara Lee

A gentle yoga guide which takes expectant moms through the stages of pregnancy with varying poses. Complete with step by step instruction; poses which can help alleviate common pregnancy-related conditions (nausea; back aches; and heartburn – to name but a few!); and tips for helping your body ease back into yoga after delivery – this book is an excellent addition to any mom to be’s bookshelf! You can find it on Amazon.

“Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful: Experience The Natural Power Of Pregnancy And Birth With Kundalini Yoga And Meditation” by Gurmukh Kaur Kahlsa

A fantastic book which focuses on the spiritual side of yoga, and its benefits to expectant mothers. The book focuses on each trimester of your pregnancy, as well as delivery and yoga practice as a new mom whose body is so dramatically different than it once was. A wonderful book for expectant moms, yogis and novices alike! You can find it on Amazon.

A happy, healthy and less stressed pregnancy should be something that all expectant mothers strive towards. Yoga is an excellent way to help moms-to-be achieve all of that and a great way to stay physically active throughout pregnancy. I hope you find my list of best pregnancy yoga books as beautiful as I do. Namaste!

Do you have any favorite pregnancy yoga books that we missed? Share in the comments!

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  1. I never tried yoga when I was pregnant. I went to aquanatal and loved it but wish I had tried this too becuase quite a few people have been raving about it. Maybe something to consider in the future.

  2. Those look like some great books. I use to do some yoga when I was pregnant with my first child. It did seem to help out a lot too.

  3. These are some good recommendations. I can see Yoga being incredible for pregnant women! It’s nice to know that these can help you if you’re a first timer!

  4. Exercise is important for pregnant women and it’s good to know that there are books that can help them. I really like the idea of doing yoga while you’re pregnant, it’s relaxing and it keeps the stress levels down!

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