Best Maternity Clothes for Every Occasion from Glama Mama Maternity

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Finding the best maternity clothes for every occasion just got easier, thanks to Glama Mama Maternity! Whether you need a power suit for work, a formal dress for a wedding, or just something cute to wear to your family picnic, they’ve got you covered! Check out our favorite pieces for each occasion!

Finding the best maternity clothes for every occasion just got easier, thanks to Glama Mama Maternity! They have an amazing selection of the cutest pregnancy clothes you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for a power suit for a job interview, a gorgeous dress for your brother’s wedding, or just something cute to wear to your family picnic, they’ve got you covered! Check out some of my favorite selections for each occasion!

Best Maternity Clothes for Every Occasion

Just about every occasion falls into one of four categories: dressy, casual dressy, business wear, and every day comfy clothes. I suggest grabbing at least one really great formal dress, one or two casual dressy outfits (bonus points if you grab “mix and match” pieces), and one fantastic “business wear” outfit. Even if you don’t work in an office, you never know when you’ll need a more professional look. Fill the rest of your wardrobe with cute comfy pieces that you can wear every day! Here are some of my favorite outfits from Glama Mama Maternity to get you started!

Dressy Occasions

I still remember trying to find a dress for my brother’s wedding when I was 7 months pregnant with my son. That was almost 13 years ago, when our maternity clothes options were a lot more limited! Now, you have so many great choices, including my favorites here!


  1. Ambrosia Black Dress -This little black dress works for just about every dressy occasion, making it a must-have staple of your maternity wardrobe.
  2. Belluna Dress – The modern cut, long sleeves, and stretchy fabric make this versatile formal dress perfect for your entire pregnancy.
  3. Icy Moon – I love the charming print design on Icy Moon! It’s so classy that no one will even know it’s actually made of a light denim material. A hidden zipper at the front makes breastfeeding a breeze, so you can keep wearing this one after your baby arrives.
  4. Messey Berry Dress– If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Messey Berry. I just love the color! Isn’t it divine for spring and summer weddings?
  5. Splendor Gold– I’m loving this maternity dress for those super formal occasions. The peachy gold color is gorgeous, don’t you think? This one is just fabulous for Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties!

Dressy Casual Gatherings

I’ve always thought that “dressy casual” was a contradiction, but it’s a real thing. Basically, you can’t get away with wearing your favorite comfy pants and tee, but you don’t have to invest in formal wear either. I love these dressy casual options from Glama Mama Maternity!


  1. Lala Tunic – My absolute favorite of all the maternity clothes for every occasion, the Lala Tunic just screams “comfort.” Wear it alone for a dressier occasion, or pair it with cute leggings for a slightly more casual look.
  2. Doris Shirt– The Doris Shirt is definitely a maternity wardrobe staple! White goes with just about anything, and the cut is so flattering. Pair it with grey or black pants for the perfect dressy casual look.
  3. Gypsy Maxi Dress– The Gypsy Maxi is comfy enough for every day wear, yet classy enough for those dress-casual events. I just love the boho chic look!
  4. Honey Skirt– The Honey Skirt is one of those magical pieces that looks fabulous on every body type. Pair it with a loose black top left untucked for dress-casual, or tuck in the top for a slightly more formal look.
  5. Slim Black Pants– Another maternity wardrobe staple, these Slim Black Pants would go great with the Doris Shirt!

Business Wear

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean work grinds to a halt! When you need to look your best for that big client meeting or job interview, try these fabulous business outfits on for size!


  1. Broadway Cream Dress– A power dress for a powerful woman, the Broadway Cream Dress is a great choice if you’re looking for something that you can wear to a business meeting during the day and a formal party at night.
  2. Cookie Navy Cardigan-This classic polka dot in navy color features a flattering scoop neckline and removable sash at the front. I love it because you can get away with wearing a comfy white tee underneath it!
  3. Floxy Maternity Skirt and Glam Jacket– Break out of the basic black, white, and blue business wear and really make a statement with the shimmery Floxy skirt and Glam jacket! Love the cut but not the color? Don’t worry, it also comes in black.
  4. Lisa Maternity Jacket– Don’t want to invest in a whole power suit? Just grab a power jacket! The Lisa Maternity Jacket pairs fabulously with a white shirt and black pants for every day business wear, or add a splash of color by combining it with a vibrant shirt!
  5. Misteria Maternity Shirt– The small polka dot print combined with the black neckline make this a striking choice for business wear. The elongated cut lets you wear it right up until the very end of your pregnancy.

Every Day Comfy Clothes

For all the other occasions- like family picnics, running errands, or just lounging around the house, check out these cute outfits!


  1. Donna Knit Cardigan– Stay warm in style with the Donna Knit Cardigan! This is one comfy sweater that won’t get relegated to your maternity wear storage box after your baby arrives.
  2. Blue China Tunic– Tunics are universally flattering and oh-so comfortable. I just love the fun print on the Blue China Tunic! It goes great with a pair of jeans for an every day casual look.
  3. Frutti Tutti Top– the Frutti Tutti is another one that you can wear after baby arrives. It has a secret zipper hidden under the top part for easy access during breastfeeding. With the soft, stretchy fabric and flattering cut, this one will become your go-to piece for every day comfort!
  4. Makari Maternity Pants– I love the Makari Maternity Pants because they’re comfy enough for every day errands, yet professional-looking enough for work. With the right blouse, they’re even right for dressy casual events!
  5. Valaska Jeans– Every casual maternity wardrobe needs a great pair of jeans. Glama Mama Maternity has several pairs, depending on which style you prefer. I’m all about the boot cut of the Valaska Jeans! I find the cut flattering for just about every body type.

These are just a few of my favorite maternity clothes for every occasion from Glama Mama Maternity. They have such an amazing selection in every category, so make sure you check out their full catalog! Follow Glama Mama Maternity on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with their news!

Which of these maternity clothes for every occasion do you love the most? Share your thoughts below!

42 thoughts on “Best Maternity Clothes for Every Occasion from Glama Mama Maternity”

  1. These days there is incredible fashion for pregnant mamas, I remember long ago when it just looked like everyone was wearing a towel or men’s clothes

  2. These are all great outfits. We didn’t have a place to shop for maternity clothes, well everything was just a big tent like dress. Thank goodness it changed!

  3. All of these maternity styles you picked here are amazing! During both of my pregnancies I definitely loved wearing dresses of all sorts. This is super helpful for any first mama to be that may need a little help mixing comfort with style! Great post!

  4. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m 22 weeks pregnant. I love all the pieces you’ve chosen! I’ve not really needed to purchase too many maternity items apart from bottoms, but the bigger I get the more I realise I should probably buy some more bits.

  5. Maternity fashions have changed a lot since I had my last kid. Glama Mama maternity clothes are super stylish. That Floxy Maternity Skirt and Glam Jacket pairing is gorgeous.

  6. I am not a mom, but all these options are so fashionable! I will share it with some of my friends, that are moms to be!

  7. It looks like they have some super cute stuff! Maternity clothes sure have some a long way since back when I was prego!

  8. Maternity clothing sure has come a long way since I had my kids. My daughter and her husband are getting ready to start a family and I’ll have to tell her about this place. She will love it!

  9. Maternity styles have sure come a long way since I was an expecting mom! My daughter-in-law is pregnant and I could easily see her wearing any of the everyday comfy clothes. She’s mastered the art of being comfortable and stylish all at the same time! x

  10. Wow, I love these styles for to be mama’s, so classy yet comfy they look. Wish I had these options when I was pregnant!

  11. So many great options. I really like the Fruitti Tutti top, the Honey Skirt and the Splendor Gold dress. It’s nice to see maternity wear continue to evolve with fashion.

  12. These are some pretty stylish maternity clothing options. I love the idea of looking glamorous when you’re pregnant, because it’s a rough time for all women. These ideas will surely help them feel good and beautiful during a hormonal time!

  13. Such a great variety of adorable maternity clothes! I would have worn so many of these pieces when I was expecting.

  14. Just like for your brother’s wedding, I had a really hard time finding a dress for my best friend’s “Prom” themed 30th. I ended up finding something empire waist that worked. But I would have loved to have had so many amazing options!

  15. I like your those maternity outfit! Perfect, cute and stylish. How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look when I was pregnant.

  16. So many great options here, when I was pregnant I found it really hard to find maternity clothes so its great to see how the fashion for pregnancy has grown so much over the years!

  17. Marceline Dementori

    I love all the different ideas that you have here. I struggled with clothes to wear when I was pregnant! This would’ve helped!

  18. We have a daughter getting ready to start a family. I will have to share this with her. She will be so adorable in any of these outfits. One of the most fun parts of being pregnant is getting to wear the adorable clothes!

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