Which Beauty Products Should You Avoid During Pregnancy?

Wondering if there are certain beauty products to avoid during pregnancy? We'll tell you which products are the least safe and give you alternatives!

Are there certain beauty products to avoid during pregnancy?  The answer is yes, but not completely.  There are some things to avoid, but as a general statement, most things are okay to still use.  You will find that being pregnant brings a certain natural glow to your face (well, you may not notice, but others will tell you that).  Your skin can act different and because of the prenatal vitamins, your hair and nails will grow fast!  Here is a list of some beauty products to avoid during pregnancy as well as a few alternatives!

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Beauty Products to Avoid During Pregnancy

Oral acne meds: You want to consult your doctor, as oral acne meds containing retinol can lead to birth defects.  Pregnancy can take a toll on your skin, or you can be one of the lucky ones and have clear skin.  Either way you want to keep your face clean and acne free.  Just let your doctor know and ask what the best route to take is if you are on oral acne meds.

Teeth whiteners: Just like we all want clear skin, we all long for those pearly whites as well.  For the time being, avoid using anything but toothpaste with a whitening agent in it.  Other means to whiten your teeth contain peroxide and that is not something you want to be taking while pregnant.  While it is okay for you, it will be absorbed and can pass through the placenta, potentially causing problems.  It is just best to avoid whitening for 9 months, switch to a toothpaste to maintain.

Self-tanner: This one is on the fence whether or not it is safe to use while pregnant.  If your daily lotion contains a self-tanner (slightly adding a touch of color to your face) that is fine, however, avoid the self-tanning creams for the time you are carrying your child.  You can go a little pale for 9 months.  Pregnancy as a different glow all together, you will look radiant without the self-tanner!

Hair color and highlights: This is a touchy subject, as some doctors say to avoid all together because there has not been enough research done,  Others say that such a small amount is absorbed into the skin when coloring that it is safe.  Highlights do not touch the scalp, so if you are at all concerned yet still feel the need to have your hair done, this is an option.

Formaldehyde: This chemical is found in hair straightening products, nail polishes and eyelash glue.  This doesn’t mean you can not paint your nails for 9 months (we need to feel pretty right?)  It just means that when you are using products containing formaldehyde you want to make sure you are in a well ventilated area.  So paint away and make sure those nails and toes are just the right color for when your little one arrives!

That wasn’t so bad!  In general, most beauty products are fine to still use during pregnancy.  If you have questions, always consult your doctor for the best answers on what is  and isn’t safe to use while you are pregnant.

Can you think of any other beauty products to avoid during pregnancy that we may have missed?  Share with us what you have been told and why.  Safest is always best!

24 thoughts on “Which Beauty Products Should You Avoid During Pregnancy?”

  1. I heard about hair dye. Some people agree, some don’t… I dunno, I err on the side of caution. This is a good list to share!

  2. I stopped using everything when I got pregnant with my daughter. I wasn’t taking the chance especially since my pregnancy was already high risk. As for the hair stuff the verdict is still out on that one.

  3. This is such great information for an expecting mother. It’s only 9 months, but it’s such a critical 9 months. We should do everything we can to protect our babies.

  4. All these sound like things every expecting mother show know ( hopefully ) . Who goes Tanning when Pregnant? The UV Rays is sure to harm the Baby. Great Tips

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I don’t wear makeup, so I never had to worry about it, but I am sure this is going to be really helpful to some new moms!

  6. These are great reminders. I was always very careful. If I recall correctly, highlights were OK early on, but check with a doctor if you aren’t sure.

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