7 Adorable Baby Gender Reveal Ideas For Everyone To Celebrate

If you are looking for some sweet baby gender reveal ideas, we have you covered! These fun ideas will have everyone excited for your little boy... or girl!

You’ve waited with excitement, and the day to reveal your babies gender is coming soon! Don’t worry I have you covered so that you can make that announcement in the sweetest possible way to your friends and families. Check out some of my absolutely adorable ideas I found! You’ll find ideas from sweets to presents. I can barely choose a favorite idea of my own; these fun baby gender reveal ideas all make the announcement feel extra special. Check out the ideas below!

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7 Adorable Baby Gender Reveal Ideas For Everyone To Celebrate

Stork Mail

This mama seriously could not leave us in any more suspense over the gender reveal of her baby! I love the style that this video is shot in, and how as she walks along the beach the camera pans to at least a dozen different kid’s toys. Towards the end, a message in a bottle helps reveal the big surprise.

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Bursting With Excitement


I love presents, but who doesn’t right? I think wrapping up your gender reveal idea as a present and giving it to your loved ones is so incredibly sweet! Check out this fun popper idea. I know my family would be so overjoyed! They would want to pop the popper to reveal the babies gender right away! What a way to celebrate!

Big Brother’s Ice Cream Cone


Pink ice cream or blue ice cream, what a cute announcement! That messy and smiling face big brother is showing off tells all. If you want to get a smiley picture of the new sibling for your announcement, giving them an ice cream cone is sure to do the trick!

Sweet M&M Reveal

I’m not sure exactly how the magic was created in this M&M reveal, but it is certainly a super cute gender reveal! I suspect a vacuum might have been used to pull those M&Ms up of the canvas? In the end, which candies will be left, the pink candies or the blue?

Surprise Confetti

[69/365] ... girl!

This style of baby gender reveal is one of my favorites! Grab some large sparkles in the color of your choice, then find some good lighting and start clicking the camera. This is a great picture to announce your baby’s gender on social media, beautiful!

Firefighter Splash


This little family, I seriously love them! The Dad-to-be is apparently a firefighter, and the colored paint shooting from his firefighter hose reveals the baby’s gender. Mom-to-be shows off that blue colored paint in that white shirt. What a great idea!

Say It With A Cookie


Cakes have been done a lot for gender reveal surprises, so why not mix things up with cookies? I love these fun little baby feet cookies! You could announce with a platter, or wrap them up as a gift. However you choose, your family will be thrilled to learn your sweet surprise.

Which of these sweet baby gender reveal ideas do you love? Tell me in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “7 Adorable Baby Gender Reveal Ideas For Everyone To Celebrate”

  1. Revealing your baby gender to your loved ones & friends is always so exciting and these are some wonderful ideas to add so much fun to it. I love the Sweet M&M idea so much & the Cookie idea is simple yet cutest!

  2. Christina Aliperti

    The surprise confetti and the cookies are my favorite. I didn’t do a gender reveal with my son but I found out I was having a boy on Valentine’s Day so it was a special day for me.

  3. I super love this idea! I attended a gender reveal party before and it was so nice to be the first to know the baby’s gender.

  4. I love the baby reveals. We didn’t do this for any of our four kids, but I think it would have bee awesome. It just wasn’t something I’d heard about when I had my own.

  5. Thanks these are all wonderful ideas,my daughter is having her first in the New Year will be passing your page onto her.

  6. These are all such great ideas. I wish I would have been able to do something like this when I had my girls. I never thought about it back then though.

  7. These are really fun! I like when people are creative with their gender reveals. I think making some of those announcement poppers would be perfect.

  8. I love how parents are making their gender reveal even more exciting! They are so creative with these ideas and it would make the family even more excited for the baby!

  9. I love all of these ideas. I think the most creative is the M&Ms, but I especially love the “Big Brother” shot. People really do get very creative with their announcements these days.

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