6 No-Sweat Summer Pregnancy Hacks

Looking for summer tips for a no-sweat summer pregnancy? Check out 6 of our favorite hacks to keep you cool while your belly swells!

Being pregnant is an amazing and wonderful experience.  But let’s be honest, being pregnant in the summer can be uncomfortable as the heat and humidity rise, especially the further along you are in your pregnancy.  Read on to find some great pregnancy hacks to surviving the summer heat while your baby bump grows, to help you enjoy every last minute of summer fun!

Summer Pregnancy Hacks


Heat and humidity can make expectant mamas really uncomfortable, so keeping hydrated is never as important as it is during the hot summer months.  I was heavily pregnant during the summer and guzzled water all day long.  It sounds counterintuitive, but drinking lots of water can actually help pregnant mommies retain less water and decrease overall swelling.  And nobody swells like an eight-month pregnant woman during a heat wave!  So drink up – you’re running to the washroom every 30 minutes anyway, right?!? If you can’t stand plain water, mix it up with one of our favorite lime water recipes!


Breathable Clothing

Speaking of the heat, you definitely want to wear breathable fabrics during the summer months while pregnant!  If you’ve ever had the misfortune of wearing a polyester blend dress to your own summer baby shower, then you know what I’m talking about (yes, that was me!)!  Lightweight cotton, linen and linen blends, chambray instead of heavy denim and moisture-wicking fabrics for workout gear are all your new best friends for summer pregnancy wear.  Staying cool and beating the heat will help keep you on top of your maternity summer style!

Beat The Heat

July 21

If you’re like most pregnant women, you’ve probably been hot throughout your entire pregnancy – in fact, a pregnant woman’s internal body temperature rises from 98.6 to 100 (37 to 37.8 C) degrees!  Keep cool during the summer as much as possible by avoiding intense physical activity outdoors when it’s very hot. Also, try avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun from 11 AM – 3 PM when the sun is at its strongest.  If you are lucky enough to have a pool, use it as much as possible to help you cool off when necessary.  Even resting your feet in cool water periodically throughout the day can help with the heat!

Exercise Wisely

If you are an active pregnant mama, be sure to use your noggin along with your muscles when getting your workouts in!  If you enjoy walking or jogging outdoors to keep in shape, head out in the morning or the evening when it’s cooler.  Intense physical activity can exacerbate the heat for anyone, particularly expectant mothers, so you might consider dialing down the intensity of your workouts during the hot summer months.  If you are continuing with a doctor-approved exercise regimen during the summer, make sure you’re comfortable and hydrating continuously.

Reduce Salt

Reducing the amount of salt you consume during pregnancy helps reduce swelling and water retention.  Making sure that you’re keeping your salt intake low during the heat and humidity of the summer months can certainly help make you more comfortable.


If you’re in your last trimester of pregnancy, chances are you’re more tired than ever!  Getting the rest you need is never more important as it is during the sticky summer months!  Put your feet up periodically through the day, and listen to your body if you begin to wilt in the heat.

We all experience our pregnancies differently – but I think that most expectant mommies can agree that keeping cool during the hot summer months can make the last few months of pregnancy much more enjoyable.

What are some of your summer pregnancy hacks? Share below!

8 thoughts on “6 No-Sweat Summer Pregnancy Hacks”

  1. It wasn’t fun being pregnant during the summer! The heat will really affect your mood. It’s important to stay hydrated and to wear comfortable and light clothing.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These are all great tips. Pregnancy and summer heat just don’t mix well. I always believed in the benefits of staying hydrated, pregnant or not.

  3. These are so true. I had three of my four pregnancies in the summer and all of these things helped. Especially staying hydrated.

  4. Jen At Dapperhouse

    I was pregnant in Arizona summers with temps consistently in the 110’s and it was exhausting! I wish I would have thought to soak my feet in cold water!!! Great tip.

  5. Great tips! With summer coming up I will be in my second trimester, and it can be so awful to be pregnant in the summer. These are definitely all great tips to help make it easier.

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