5 Easy Tips for a Mom-To-Be to Organize Her Maternity Wardrobe

Organizing your maternity wardrobe early in your pregnancy can help save you a lot of time & money later! Check out our tips to get it done fast!

Organizing your maternity wardrobe early on doesn’t just save you time throughout your pregnancy, it’s also an excellent way to see what you have on hand and what you need to buy! Today, we have a special guest Nicole Raynor here to talk about tips to organize your closet not just for your pregnancy, but for long after! You can even use these tips to organize all those baby clothes once your little one arrives! Ready to check it out?

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5 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Maternity Wardrobe

All hail the soon-to-be-born! Pregnancy is one of the most life changing experiences for a woman. Expectant mothers undergo a host of physical, emotional and psychological transformations.

With a baby on the way, would-be moms start introducing minor changes in their lifestyle to welcome the child in the best way possible. As a mom-to-be, you will need to make certain changes in your wardrobe as well, as fitting into your regular clothes will not be possible after a while.

Some pregnant women experience major weight gain and physical changes only post their first trimester. Others experience bloating right from the initial weeks, making their clothes seem tighter and less comfortable.

Pregnancy can make it hard for you to look at your pre-pregnancy silhouettes hanging next to the oversized maternity clothes. However, you can either frown about it or use this opportunity to organize your wardrobe and embrace changes with a smile.

The following ideas for organizing your maternity clothes in your wardrobe will keep you comfy throughout your pregnancy:

  1. Declutter to Make Room

Start from scratch. Take everything out of the closet and segregate the items into several sections of the most worn clothes to the least favored ones. Many women follow the 12-month discard trick, and so can you. Set aside the clothing items that you haven’t worn in a year or more and get rid of them.

This will help you visualize how you want to arrange your closet. Also, you can decide the exact location of each item and consciously choose which of them need to move back in.

  1. Compartmentalize Based on Similarities

Once you have decided which clothes to keep, start sorting them by color, style, length, occasion, or favorites. Store them in clearly-labeled separate baskets. For instance, you can use baskets to store lingerie, scarves and stoles, socks, pajamas, delicate wears, and accessories.


Separate clothes that require repairs or alterations like those with missing buttons, broken zippers, or torn hemline, and make sure you get them fixed soon. You don’t want to deal with these hassles when dressing in these clothes. Making sure that each item in your closet fits well and is in good condition can help keep panic at bay.

You can also separate clothes and accessories that you love but plan to take a break from. Store them in specific containers, bags, pouches and place them in the corner of your closet until you decide to wear them again.

  1. Embrace the Rule of Reuse

There is no denying the fact that only a handful of your maternity clothes will be of use to you after your delivery. Borrowing maternity clothes from friends (who’ve given birth before) can be an economical way to adapt to the clothing requirements for every stage.

At the same time, remember that none of us have the exact same body type. So, try the clothes on before borrowing and stacking them in your wardrobe.

As far as pre-pregnancy clothes go, be assured that there will be several clothes that won’t fit you for a long time. Hence, choose pieces that can be worn in many styles to maximize ease of dressing. For instance, skirts with elastic and cardigans (of any size) can be worn throughout pregnancy and even post it.

  1. Hang in There

With many changes unfolding as the pregnancy advances, you may want to reduce as many wardrobe-related hassles as possible. You can start by organizing your wardrobe with some basic rules in mind. Hangers can come in handy when you want to arrange your clothes. They are also the best way to easily access your clothes and spend lesser time rummaging the shelves.

A lot of people go for the 40-hanger rule so that they don’t end up with more hangers than clothes! You can always go for a smaller number of hangers if you have a limited wardrobe space.


Knowing how to select the ideal hanger for your closet can help you align differently-sized clothes, reduce creases, and add a sense of uniformity to the section. Wooden hangers can be a good option as they can reduce moisture in your closet and keep your clothes free of stale odors. Surf the Internet to find the kind of hangers that you’d want to use in your closet.

  1. Stack the Most Preferred Clothes within Reach

Moms-to-be are advised to avoid bending and stretching their arms as far as possible. Doing so may lead to loss of balance and cause you to fall. You surely don’t want to risk this when pulling out an item of clothing from your wardrobe.

When arranging your clothes, place the garments that you frequently wear at eye level. A pile of folded clothes should not go higher than a foot. Leave a 6-inch gap between the top of the stack of clothes and the shelf above it. Place baskets a little below the eye level so that it’s easy to look inside them.

To Sum Up

Pregnant or not, your closet should reflect you and your individual style. Expectant mothers need to be extra careful in everything they do. With the help of the above guidelines to arrange your wardrobe, you can make your life easier. The key is to organize a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle, stage of pregnancy, and preferences.

Did you organize your maternity wardrobe early in your pregnancy or just kind of wing it? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Getting rid of extra clothes you don’t really need is such a great idea whether you are pregnant or not. It’s always great when you are expecting a baby to feel like you are keeping things neat and organized though!

  2. Great tips! Borrowing clothes is always a great idea when pregnant. Maternity clothes can be really expensive but this is a great way to save money. I never thought to try them on before taking them though- makes a lot of sense!

  3. Janel - Simple Sweet Recipes

    I had my closet organized by color once. I loved it, but got lazy. I’m totally motivated to sort again.

  4. What a great post for those that are expecting. I was on bed rest for much of my pregnancy, so I feel like I lived in the same two outfits most of the time.

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