10 Pregnancy Power Foods You Should Be Eating

What should you eat during pregnancy to keep both you and your growing baby healthy? We’ve gathered up 10 of the best pregnancy power foods that you should definitely add to your diet! Let’s check them out!

What should you eat during pregnancy to keep both you and your growing baby healthy? We've gathered up 10 of the best pregnancy power foods that you should definitely add to your diet! Let's check them out!


One of the first things you may think after finding out that you’re pregnant concerning food is Wow, now I can eat anything I want! But, unhappily, that isn’t so. Taking care of your health is important; especially when you’re growing a tiny human! So, you need to eat healthy for yours and the little one’s sake.

But you do get strange cravings when you’re pregnant. For example, when I was pregnant, I had an insatiable craving for Necco wafers; those little round chalky candies? So, I had my husband go out in a swirling snow storm at midnight to buy me some.  He had to go to three different stores to find them and whenever he finally got home, I was sound asleep. Needless to say, he wasn’t a very happy camper (though about an hour later I ate every chocolate wafer in all 6 packs).


10 Pregnancy Foods You Should Be Eating Instead

You know why healthy foods are good for you and the baby. You know you need to eat them, even if you don’t want them. I don’t think we need to go into WHY you should eat healthy, right? Even if you can only get a few bites down due to overwhelming morning sickness, you need to get as many nutrients into your belly as possible. To help you make food food choices, check out a list of the best pregnancy power foods and why they’re so important!

  • Lean meats: Because you need the amino acids in protein to stabilize your blood sugar and keep away the munchies, you need to eat protein. In addition, your little one will need the protein to develop his or her supply of red blood cells.
  • Yogurt: You need to keep your calcium levels up for your nerves and muscles to function properly. Yogurt has the calcium to handle these needs and helps with yeast infections which are common in pregnancy. Too, the baby needs the calcium for growing bones.
  • Avocados: A single avocado has vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate and potassium which helps you consume your daily amount of needed vitamins. Avocados also help brain and tissue growth develop in your baby. Try out homemade no-cook avocado sauce for a new way to enjoy it!


  • Carrots and peppers: These veggies are full of beta-carotene which is converted to Vitamin A by your body. This vitamin is extremely important for the development of the little one’s bones, organs, skin and eyes. Not a fan of crunchy raw carrots? Mix them into a delicious carrot soup!
  • Water: No, water isn’t a food, but it’s important. Additionally, water has the benefits of flushing toxins and you also need it to build new cells. Keep in mind too that if you become dehydrated, you can go into early labor. So always have a bottle or container of water with you to sip to keep hydrated. If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, try out favorite fruit-infused water recipes!
  • Eggs: Eggs have all kinds of good things in them like vitamins, proteins, minerals and the kind of fat which is good for you. Additionally, eggs are also a source of choline which contributes to the brain development of the baby. Just be sure to thoroughly cook any egg which you eat to avoid botulism. There are SO many ways to make eggs, which is why it’s one of my favorite pregnancy power foods!


  • Oats: Oats and quinoa can help with the body’s calorie requirements which increase during the second and third trimesters. Packed with plant compounds, fiber, vitamins and they also are full of healthy proteins.
  • Sweet potatoes: These guys are chock full of vitamin B6, vitamin C, nutritious fiber, potassium, copper, iron and beta-carotene. Yes, some of the other foods on this list do offer some of the same nutrients. But, the beta-carotene will convert to Vitamin A. This vitamin is important for the development of your baby’s bones, skin and eyes. Since sweet potatoes do contain copper, the copper helps iron absorb into your body as well.
  • Beans and Lentils: So, you’re concerned because you’re a vegetarian or a vegan and don’t eat animal protein? The solution to that is to eat beans and lentils which are a wonderful source of protein and iron, fiber, calcium and folate. If you enjoy eating baked beans, they have tons of zinc in them. The reason zinc is important is that’s it’s a mineral that helps lower the risk of low birth weight, prolonged labor and preterm delivery.


  • Leafy greens: Dark-green veggies such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach and kale are stuffed full of nutrients and antioxidants. These greens also supply potassium, fiber, calcium and folate plus vitamin A. These nutrients are used by the baby to develop eyesight and help with skin and bone growth.


These are some of the excellent reasons to eat healthy for your baby, even with the weird cravings, along with the best pregnancy power foods to help you make good choices!


What are some of your favorite ways to eat these pregnancy power foods? Did you have any weird cravings? Share below!


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  1. i like everything on that list- wouldn’t know what to eat without it so i am sure it will help with pregnancy as well as its all nutritional

  2. Love that list! When I was pregnant with twins I just couldn’t stop eating avocado haha, and French fries hahaha

  3. arra carrasco-odeza

    I’m planning to get pregnant in a few years and this post is very much useful. For now I’m gonna share this to my husband’s cousin who’s currently pregnant. She likes eating junk foods and sweets. This post can help enlighten her.

  4. We are not pregnant yet. But i am sure my wife is going to love the foods written here. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  5. I wish this list was out when I was pregnant. I felt like I couldn’t eat anything and was always afraid with certain foods.

  6. Wow I had no idea about these pregnancy power foods at all, while I am not pregnant, I know some people who are. Passing this info along to them!

  7. Even though I am not pregnant, these are power foods I do try to eat often. They provide such awesome nutrition, I can see where they would be very beneficial for those who are pregnant!

  8. I did have two strange cravings when pregnant with two of the four kids. One was for fish and meat (which I ate) and that’s hilarious because I’ve never ever liked meat, not even as a kid. The other was for tartar sauce on fries??? lol I indulged in my power foods too. :)

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