7 Insanely Adorable Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Planning on telling the world your good news on the day of love? We have some super cute Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement ideas for you!

Planning on telling the world your good news on the day of love? We have some super cute Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas for you! I can’t think of a better time to share the excitement over that positive pregnancy test, can you? Well, maybe Christmas, but Valentine’s Day is a very close second.

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Baby Shoes Photo

This is a cute way to let people know you are expecting. It may have them guessing for a minute, though. Have someone take a photo of you standing behind a chair. It can be a rocking chair or any other type of chair. On the chair, have a pair of baby shoes. If you know the sex of your baby, you can use pink or blue shoes, but if not, use white or red.

Valentine’s Day riddle

For this announcement, you can use a large chalkboard or a large poster board. Then, write out the riddle: Roses are red, violet are blue, cupid’s been busy…because a baby is due. You can also add to this if you want like including your sonogram picture or write the baby’s due date. Check out a few other fun riddles that you can use!



With cookies, there are several variations you can consider. One is to bake a batch of cookies and put the names of family members and friends on each cookie. But, don’t forget to add a cookie for the baby too. Another idea is to write one word on each cookie that will end up forming a sentence. For example, I am pregnant or we are having a baby.


Dinner plate message

This is a great idea if you are having family and friends over for dinner. Using a marker, preferably black or some other dark color, write something on the plate like “We’re pregnant,” or “Baby #2 on the way!” Then, cover the writing with the meal you have cooked.

Conversation Hearts

This is a really cute idea! Get some edible ink (or just use a Sharpie and warn the recipient that these are for fun, not for eating), then write your message and lay them out!  A fun twist if you’re announcing your pregnancy to your husband: write your message on the hearts and jumble them up. Tell him to unscramble it for a big surprise!


Big brother or big sister

If this is your second child, a cute way to announce your pregnancy is to have your child make the announcement. Have them wear a shirt saying something like “I’m going to be a big brother,” or have them hold a sign saying something along the lines of “My mama is due with baby #2!”


Grandparent ideas

Grandparents love the idea of a grandchild coming into the family. If this is your first child, consider getting your parents a Valentine’s Day gift that would alert them to the fact you are expecting. You can give them a book on grandparenting or a onesie that says “I’m Grandma’s Favorite.”

Do you have any cute Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement Ideas? Share in the comments!

7 thoughts on “7 Insanely Adorable Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas”

  1. Carrie Chady Rundhaug

    We did the big brother tshirt when we announced we were pregnant with our second. It took people the longest time to figure it out! But eventually they did! Also we put up a sonogram picture on the fridge and it seriously took my inlaws several hours plus my husband pointing out there was something on the fridge for them to see for them to finally see it.

  2. Those are nice ideas for those announcing then. In our family I learned it’s better to hold off and announce on a regular day, as the holidays are special for everyone.

  3. Catherine Sargent

    These are all really cute announcement ideas. If I had to make this announcement, I would go with the cookies.

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