Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Need pregnancy announcement ideas? Check out our ultimate list of pregnancy announcement cards, signs, clothing and more to tell the world your good news!

When you find out you are expecting, you can’t wait to share with your friends and family.  We have spent countless hours gathering what we believe are the best pregnancy announcement ideas and cards out there to share with you. Sharing the news that you will be bringing a new life into the world is a priceless moment in your life.  Whether you are sharing with Grandparents or simply want to share to your friends and family all at once on social media, this is one time that is worthy of planning.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Every Occasion

We love fun video pregnancy announcements that surprise everyone in a unique way that wasn’t easy to share when we were kids.  The ease of creating a video using your smart phone and updating it within minutes to social media makes this a great choice for those who want to do something fast.  However, the fun staging and props you can use to make it unique is even more fun.  From surprise videos that are about random things but include a written message across the screen, to the video capture of a wife telling her husband she is pregnant a video announcement of your pregnancy is a great choice.

For many families, creating a unique chalkboard sign to hold in an image you then mail out to your family and friends can be a perfect idea. Chalkboard signs have gained popularity with celebrity baby announcements and are continuing to be a fun way for everyone to share the great news.  Other expectant moms and dads may decide to casually show up at an event wearing cute t-shirts that announce pregnancy.  This can be a fun way to watch your friends and family as they get the news in a subtle way.

Whether you are looking for a cute pregnancy announcement, something to share at a party like a cookie or cake announcement or a fun unique pregnancy announcement card we have found dozens of choices to suit your needs.  There are amazing pregnancy announcement choices that suit every possible family and situation.  You can even tailor your announcement to your family unit.  If you have older children, a sibling announcing a pregnancy can be simply adorable.  It can also be hilarious and unique way to share that the entire family is excited about the upcoming birth of a new baby.

No matter what your need, we have worked hard to cover your pregnancy announcement from Christmas to Valentine’s Day and even a basic mailed card announcement.

If you can think of any type of pregnancy announcement ideas that we missed, tell us in the comments! We’ll work to get it covered!

16 thoughts on “Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas”

  1. I sure wish I was clever enough to think of these kinds of things on my own. But, I am glad that there are so many resources of actual clever people to do the hard thinking for me. I just love the fortune cookies!

  2. I think it’s so cool the pregnancy announcements people come up with nowadays! I think having the sibling announcing it whether, they are wearing or shirt or something, is one of the cutest.

  3. Over the years, the level of creativity for pregnancy announcements has skyrocketed. I have seen some extremely clever ones. Sometimes, I watch video compilations of pregnancy announcements, and they are so fun seeing the expressions on family member’s faces.

  4. All these are cute ideas for pregnancy announcements. It all sounds so creative with fun and love and very much unique ideas as well. I like the chalk board sign idea. Love to share this post with my friends.

  5. What cute ideas! Back when I was pregnant with my kids, phone calls are the only ways to announce pregnancies.

  6. There are so many creative ideas now. I just phoned around to let people now and told friends in person. I did come home from the doctor with a Baby on board shirt I had made to tell my husband though.

  7. Robin Masshole mommy

    Those are all really cute ideas. I love how creative they are. There are so many options out there these days.

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