8 Adorable Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Try

Nothing makes the holidays even brighter than good news! These Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas are the perfect way to share your amazing news with your whole family!

Nothing makes the holidays even brighter than good news! These Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas are the perfect way to share your amazing news with your whole family! 


Holidays are a great time to announce your pregnancy because they allow you to be creative with your announcement. Since most of your family comes together for Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect day to share your fabulous news with all your nearest and dearest at once. We’ve rounded up eight fun Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas, ranging from cryptic to a bit more obvious. Let’s check them out!

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Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  1. A “Bun” in the Oven– Yes, this may seem like a cheesy idea, but it really is a great way to pull off a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement. Before your guests arrive, place one single dinner roll in the oven. After everyone is seated at the dinner table, pretend that you “forgot” the dinner rolls in the oven and kindly ask someone to get the rolls for you. Your guest will probably ask why there is only one bun in the oven. At this point, your other guests will likely get the hint.
  2. Baby Bottle Condiments- This cute idea will likely have your guests a bit puzzled. Fill small baby bottles with salt, pepper or sugar and place on the dinner table. It won’t take long for someone to ask why the condiments are in baby bottles.
  3. Baby’s Heartbeat Teddy Bear Guest- This is one of the cutest ways to announce your pregnancy at Thanksgiving. Record your baby’s heartbeat in the womb and place the recording inside a stuffed teddy bear. Then, place the teddy as a guest around the dinner table. Someone is sure to ask about the teddy in no time.
  4. Big Brother/Big Sister T-Shirt– If this is not your first pregnancy, create a cute t-shirt for your firstborn child to wear on Thanksgiving Day. These t-shirts can be ordered online through sites like Cafepress, Etsy and Zoey’s Personalized Gifts. T-shirts can have an array of sayings like, “This Little Turkey is Going to be a Big Brother” or “I’m Thankful Because I’m Going to be a Big Sister.”


  1. Count Our Blessings Craft– This is another great idea if this is not your first child. Have your other child (or children) trace and cut out their hand prints and write their name on the print. Also, cut out a smaller hand print for the unborn baby. Then, paste these hand prints onto construction paper and post this on the refrigerator. See how long it takes for someone to notice them.
  2. Place Setting for Next Year’s Guest- Add an extra place setting at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Put place cards at each setting with the name of each guest. For the extra place setting, you can get creative with the place card by writing something like Baby Boy 2018.
  3. Thanksgiving “Baby” Foods– This is a fun idea for foodies. For some Thanksgiving side dishes, select “baby” foods like baby carrots or cocktail onions. If guests don’t figure out the significance of the “baby” foods during dinner, you can always make the announcement at the end of dinner.
  4. Thanksgiving Bowl of Wishes- In the center of the Thanksgiving dinner table, place a clear bowl. As each guest arrives for dinner, have them write down, on a slip of paper, one wish they have for the upcoming year and place the slip of paper in the bowl. After dinner is done, have each guest choose a slip of paper from the bowl, read the wish aloud and all the guests need to match the wish with the guest who wrote it. When writing your wish, pen something like, “I wish for no morning sickness” or “I wish for a healthy baby.”

Did you share your big news on Turkey Day? Share your Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas below!

9 thoughts on “8 Adorable Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Try”

  1. These are such amazing ways to announce pregnancy. I will definitely get a T-shirt saying Big sister to make my girl ready for a sibling. Enjoyed reading it 🙂

  2. Hahaha so creative! I never really thought of something like that but the ‘bun in the oven’ sounds the best haha! 🙂

  3. Awesome ideas.. baby’s heartbeat Teddy placing was too cute as a way to announce Pregnancy. Shall share with one of my friend who is due next month:)

  4. Kids On Tour Autism Without Li

    Aw I love these pregnancy announcement ideas! I especially like the big brother or sister Tshirts! I wish I had thought of doing something like this when I was pregnant!

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