Honoring Rainbow Babies: 7 Stunning Tributes to the Light after the Storm

Have you heard the term

I honestly have to say that until today I had never heard of a rainbow baby before. To my surprise, I had a rainbow baby. My son Mark was born in 1989, a year after I had suffered the loss of a stillborn baby. So, what exactly is a rainbow baby? A rainbow baby is one that is born following a miscarriage or stillbirth. Think about it in the real world sense. What happens after a storm occurs? A rainbow usually appears not long after right? The miscarriage or stillbirth is the storm and the new pregnancy is the rainbow.

Honoring Rainbow Babies Through Stunning Photography

Recently, photographer Ashley Maiso, posted the image of a pregnant woman who had a photo shoot to remember the loss of her first pregnancy just a few years earlier. Maiso said, on the Facebook page of her business, Ashley Maiso Photography, “Before this photo session, I had never heard of a rainbow baby. Bella shared her heart and filled me in on the loss of her first child a few years ago. As she gets ready to bare her second child, she wanted to honor and celebrate the life of the precious babe she had the privilege of carrying in her belly for a season.”

I did a bit more research to discover that woman from all around found different ways to honor their rainbow baby. In February of 2015, Cathy and Matt Matthews found out they were expecting their second child. They already had a son, Cameron, born in 2013. However, just a month later, they sadly lost their baby. Cathy told People Magazine, “We were really excited when we found out we got pregnant. We started telling our family right away, and then we lost the baby at five weeks. We barely had time to even digest everything – it was really heartbreaking for us.”

In May of 2015, Cathy and Matt once again learned they were expecting a baby. Cathy made a rainbow collage, documenting each month of the pregnancy. When their baby daughter, Charlotte, was born, the couple wanted to have professional portraits done of Charlotte and they also wanted to honor the baby they lost. In the portraits, Charlotte was wearing a rainbow headband.

Beautiful Photos Honoring Rainbow Babies

During my research, I found a few more gorgeous photos honoring rainbow babies, like this one that proves “after every storm, there is a rainbow of hope.”


How about this smiling sweetie! In the caption, we learn that Aria is decked out in a onesie that mom bought for her sister, Violet, just a few weeks before she passed away. What a beautiful way for Aria to honor her sister.


How about this little sleeping prince?


I love this baby bump photo. A simple, yet elegant way to celebrate a rainbow baby.


And this pregnancy announcement photo! I couldn’t be more happy for this beautiful family.


Pregnancy after loss can be staggeringly frightening, but these parents and parents-to-be have found such touching ways to celebrate the light after the storm.

Have you ever heard the term “rainbow baby” before? Did you have one of your own? Share your thoughts and experiences (if comfortable doing so) below.

6 thoughts on “Honoring Rainbow Babies: 7 Stunning Tributes to the Light after the Storm”

  1. Honestly, I too have never heard about a rainbow baby before and now I know I am mother of 3 such rainbow babies in my life. Honoring them with those amazing photographs is such a beautiful idea and the pictures are quiet adorable!

  2. I had never heard of the term either until I asked someone using it a few years back. I love the term and all of these photos are adorable.

  3. What an adorable name for babies who are born after their parents suffer a miscarriage! That’s definitely something that they deserve to be called. These are lovely ideas to celebrate the birth of rainbow babies!

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of the title but I think it’s well-deserved. These babies give a brand new hope for their parents and they are indeed, the rainbow after the storm!

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