Top 15 Ways to Say You’re Expecting

Need some pregnancy announcements wording ideas? We've got you covered for all seasons! Check out these clever quotes & sayings for your announcement cards!


When it comes to the wording on your pregnancy announcement, you want to make it fun and original and maybe even make your friends and family go ‘Wait…what?! They are pregnant!?’

(Those are my fave, when you make your family question because you didn’t come right out and say it!)

Here are some of my favorite pregnancy announcements wording ideas.

Using an upcoming holiday is always fun too!  Check them out.

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Pregnancy Announcements Wording Ideas


  1. “Guess what’s hatching?” 

This one is perfect for Easter, but you can use it throughout all of spring. Put your message in an egg and give it to your favorite recipient! Get the tutorial for this fun pregnancy announcement craft.


  1. “We’re egg-specting!”

Another super simple pregnancy announcement wording, this would go perfect on a DIY t-shirt or in your plastic eggs. Here’s a fun idea: host an Easter egg hunt for adults. Fill the eggs with little clues, like tiny pacifiers, stickers with babies on them, etc. Then fill a few with lines like “guess what’s hatching” and “we’re egg-specting.” Prize goes to the first person who figures out the secret!

  1. ‘Flowers aren’t the only thing that’s blooming this spring!”

If you want to go with something a bit more vague and intriguing, this will definitely have them guessing! Write it on a sign in your garden!


  1. “Pink or Blue, we don’t have a clue! Either way, there’s a beach baby due!”

I saw this on Pinterest and just love it. Use bright colors against a blackboard, and prop it up on the beach for a fun pregnancy announcement!

  1. “Stars and Stripes and Sleepless Nights”

This idea is perfect for the 4th of July! It’s just vague enough that it will have everyone guessing, yet they’ll arrive at that “aha” moment without too much help!

  1. “Labor Day just took on a whole new meaning!”

Another fun way to take advantage of a summer holiday! See how long it takes for your family to get it!


  1. ‘No Trick Just A Treat’:

I love the play on words here.  In addition to this, you will add something like ‘a new goblin arriving May 2016’ or whenever your due date is (obviously).  Use fun, festive colors too like orange, black, purple and white.  I don’t know why, but I love purple as a Halloween color!

  1. ‘We’re Adding A Pumpkin To Our Patch’:

You can do this is so many ways too!  You can take a pic of just pumpkins and then add the text, or you can take a pic of the 2 of you, and holding a small pumpkin.  Whatever you decide, it’s a super cute way to get your message across.

  1. ‘Fall is in the air, and we have some big news to share’:

Fall is my most favorite time of year.  I love the colors of the leaves, and the crisp air.  It was actually when I announced my pregnancy too!  You have so many options with this announcement when it comes what the photo will be (or you can choose not to use a photo, and just use some colorful text!)  Always add your expected due date to the cards!

Check out these awesome Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


  1. ‘The Best Gifts Don’t Come Under The Tree’:

If you can announce your big news with a holiday card, lucky you!  Everyone sends out Christmas cards, how fun would it be for yours this year to also announce your pregnancy!  A cute shot of the 2 of you kissing under a mistletoe would be adorable.

  1. ‘Hoping all your wishes come true this season, ours did’:

I like this announcement if you are going to use just words and not a photo.  The words are in the shape of a Christmas tree, with the words ‘ours did’ at the bottom as the trunk of the tree.  How subtle of an announcement is that!  Tricky, tricky!

  1. ‘Merry Christmas to me because I’m a big brother to be!’:

I love when I see pregnancy announcement that are being announced by the soon-to-be-siblings!  Again, Christmas is a great time to announce you’re preggers because everyone is getting cards in the mail, and by the boatload!  Not to mention that many of them include a photo of their kid or kids so that yours will be no different…or will it?


  1. ‘We’ve waited for a while to share our lovely news, it looks like we’ll be shopping for some tiny, little shoes’:

A simple shot of your favorite pair of shoes, along with the soon be daddy’s shoes, and of course a pair of super cute baby shoes will get your message across clear as day!  I did this one for a friend of mine.  She loved it!

  1. ‘A new pair of ears is coming (date)’:

This might sound weird, until you realize that this one is for the Disney lover.  The best one that I saw was a photo taken in front of Cinderella’s castle, with mom-to-be holding a tiny pair of Mickey’s ears.  Now if you don’t have a trip planned, don’t worry you can still make this happen, just order a pair of tiny Mickey ears online and hold them on your belly and take a cute shot of your belly and ears to announce!

  1. ‘A bun in the oven, burgers on the grill, come help celebrate this upcoming thrill’:

Throw a BBQ!  Send out your invitations for the BBQ and let everyone know what they are coming to celebrate!
Whatever way you decide to announce your pregnancy, the fun wording is what makes the announcement great!  When I was pregnant with my son, I used a photo of my daughter looking shocked, and I added the text ‘I am going to be a big sister!’  I posted it on Facebook, and there were some people who passed right by it!  But I am pretty sure it got my most ‘likes’ ever!

In the comment section below, share with us how you worded your pregnancy announcement.


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