5 Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Riddles That Will Make The Grandparents Cry Happy Tears

These are adorable! 5 sweet riddles for your pregnancy announcements for the grandparents.

If you are looking for the perfect way to surprise your favorite grandparents with your pregnancy announcement news, a riddle may be just what you need!

I was so excited to tell both of our parents when I was pregnant, but  I have to admit I was also a little nervous.

These riddles are a great way to break the ice without having to say a word! By the time the grandparents to be read to the end, they will be hugging you, crying, squealing or will be in shock!

I like to keep these riddles simple, because if they don’t figure it out quickly, then the moments until they do understand the puzzle are agonizing!

In the end, your announcement is going to be fun.

Check out some of my favorite riddles for your pregnancy announcements for grandparents!

5 Sweet Riddles For Your Pregnancy Announcements for Grandparents

Ten Tiny Fingers

What has ten tiny fingers

And ten little toes

And two sleepy eyes

And a cute button nose

With hair so soft

A face without a flaw

Your heart will melt

When they call you (grandpa or grandma)

Ten Tiny Toes! - 5 Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Riddles That Will Make The Grandparents Cry Happy Tears

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Which Name?

This super easy riddle works well printed on a onesie or in a frame. They are sure to solve this riddle quick!

So should I call you….

Grams & Gramps?

Memaw & PaPa

Gigi & Poppop

Or just simply Grandma & Grandpa?

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted!

Little Bundle Of Joy

The only thing better

Then having you as parents

Is our little bundle of joy

Who have you as….(Grandparents!)

Coming Soon: Grandbaby!

Sweet riddles for your pregnancy announcements for grandparents

Roses Are Red

Violets are blue

In just a few months

Your grandbaby is due!

All The Best Parts

Lucky are those who

Spoil and Snuggle

Hug and Hope

Boast and Brag

For they are called… (Grandma and Grandpa!)

So what do you think of these riddles, will the Grandparents cry? Cheer? Hug you? All of the above? Tell me which is your favorite pregnancy announcements for grandparents in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “5 Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Riddles That Will Make The Grandparents Cry Happy Tears”

  1. I like the creative approach to announcing the impending arrival of a bundle of joy. Whatever rocks your boat should be fine. I love the idea! 🙂

  2. These are so cute! When I was pregnant with out first we framed a picture with a poem in it… We told them at Christmas time. So we wrapped it up as one of their christmas presents. Then for the rest of the family we gave them Christmas ornaments and wrapped them and sent them! They all loved it.

  3. These riddles are really cute! A great and different way to let the grandparents know their new status. I like the Which Name? one the best.

  4. I think it’s a terrific way to create a special moment and memory. I think we made our announcements pretty simple; this sounds better.

  5. Wow…this has never occurred to me. Well, my parents live 12 hours from us so a phone call was all I used to do. My inl-laws are quite traditional so I never knew ho to handle things like pregnancy announcements to them.

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