7 Brilliant Pregnancy Announcement Riddles For Your Facebook Status

It's a boy... or a girl! Or maybe it's both! Check out our beautiful pregnancy announcement riddles that are perfect for telling your family and friends!

So you thought you would be clever with pregnancy announcement riddles to announce your little bundle of joy!

Riddles are perfect for your Facebook status (or other social media too!) and are a great way to announce your news to the world!

You can also adapt these cute riddles to real, in-person events by writing a riddle on the inside of a card for your family.

I love how some of these pregnancy announcement riddles keep you guessing!

Check out a few of my favorite riddles!

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7 Brilliant Pregnancy Announcement Riddles For Your Facebook Status

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1- Can You Guess?

This announcement riddle is perfect if you are also announcing the name or gender at the same time!

What has dimples and a nose
Ten fingers and ten toes
Sweet fat little cheeks
And in *** months you will meet…

2- Small And Tiny

Tee-hee, this one will surely keep them guessing! I love that family or friends may not guess the answer to this riddle right away. This pregnancy announcement riddle almost sounds like a song!

Small and tiny

It grows and grows.

When the time comes

Away we goes!

3- Baby Shower!

This short riddle is perfect if you want to keep everyone guessing. Wouldn’t this riddle be cute on a baby shower invitation!

What gets a shower but doesn’t get wet?

4- To Make Them Say Awww

This is a tearful, but still fun puzzle to use as an announcement. Happy tears, definitely happy tears!

I can bring a smile to your face,
A tear to your eye,
Or even a thought to your mind.
But, I can’t be seen.
What am I?

5- Simple Math

Pregnancy Announcement Riddles For Your Facebook Status

Ohh, this is another cryptic riddle. I feel like this riddle is even more sneaky when used as a text-only announcement though this riddle has also been made adorably into a photograph.

When does 1 + 1 = 3?

6- Parents Again!

You could adapt this cutesy second child pregnancy announcement riddle for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any holiday that ends with “day” without much effort! Cute!

One…two…Happy Mother’s Day to you

Three…four…but we’ve got something more

Five…six…in our bag of tricks

Seven…eight…we know you can’t wait…

Nine..ten…to be a PARENT again!”

7- Wishes Come True

Wishes can come true! I love this idea, especially for when you’ve been wishing hard for that beautiful baby.

In all of life there seems a time

When wishes do come true.

Now this come to let you know,

That we have someone new

Do you know of any other great pregnancy announcement riddles? A riddle is SUCH a cute way to announce and will keep your friends and family guessing! So fun!

I want to hear about your favorite pregnancy announcement riddles in the comments!

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  1. I love seeing cute pregnancy announcements on Facebook. You can tell the couple is really excited about it! I’ll definitely have to keep these riddles in mind, so thank you for sharing!

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