5 Darling Pregnancy Announcement Riddles To Surprise Your Husband

He's going ot be so surprised! See our five darling pregnancy announcement riddles for your husband

So you just found out the test is positive, congratulations! You may be looking for some pregnancy announcement riddles for your husband to delight and surprise him! After all, you can’t make it too easy on him. You may want him to guess himself and have a full moment of surprise! Check out our sweet riddles below that are going to create that perfect pregnancy announcement moment. These riddles are easy enough he will be able to solve it in a flash, but he may have to think twice when he solves the riddle to reveal happy baby news! Your whole family is going to be so incredibly excited, you won’t be able to wait to tell the grandparents too! Check out all of my favorite ideas below.

5 Darling Pregnancy Announcement Riddles For Your Husband

I’m Having A…

This sweet pregnancy announcement riddle is right to the point. Sometimes you need to make the riddles easier on them!

Roses are red

Violets Are Blue

I’m having  a…..

You’ll be a daddy too!

We Are Going To Need a Bigger Vehicle!

This is a sweet little poem, especially if it is baby number two or three!

Pretty soon, we’ll need a minivan…We’re adding another to our clan!

Test Lines Are Pink!


Test lines and a crib, that can only mean one thing!

Rose are red

Test lines are pink

Soon we are going to need a crib

What do you think?

With Just One Hint

All you need is one teeny hint. Don’t worry, he will get this riddle quick!

With just one hint

I am sure you will see

The answer to our prayers

Begins with a B!

You’re going to be a Daddy!

Our Little Poppy Seed


With this riddle, you may want to look up the actual size and produce comparison your baby is when you will be announcing using this handy guide.

Although just the size of a poppy seed

Day by day it will grow

Possibly bigger than Daddy

Only time will show

So I have to know which of these pregnancy announcements riddles for surprising your husband you think is the best one! Tell me in the comments below.


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