5 Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents


If you have been anxiously awaiting that positive result on a pregnancy test, these 5 Great Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents are sure to be up your alley.  Being able to share this great news with your family is so important.  Doing so in a fun and unique way is a great way to break the news for a positive and joyous reaction.


Unwind A Message:  This cute idea uses a paper cloth that has a message on it saying, “A little birdie told me you are going to be a Grandma”.  You could hand write, have it type written or even stamped.  This is a great unique way to share your great news with family.  Change up the message slightly and share with friends too!
Hidden Message In A Mug: Use a paint pen and seal a message in the bottom of a mug that says, “You Are Going To Be A Grandma!”.  As you serve tea or coffee to the grandparent to be, wait and watch as they finish their cup and discover this great message.  Make sure the paint is sealed so it won’t chip off or melt as hot liquid is poured into the mug.
Message Board: Give a gift of a great message board or plaque that says, “The Best Parents Get Promoted To Grandparents.”  This is great to be given as a special gift for the holidays, a birthday or even an anniversary too!


Give Them A Puzzle:  Create your own, or have one made with the ultrasound picture or a simple message announcing the pregnancy.  Give them the puzzle as a gift, but let them know they need to put it together to reveal a special message.  This is a great mysterious gift that also doubles as a fun pregnancy announcement idea for grandparents.


Gift With Jewelry Announcement:  There are so many amazing jewelry options for announcing a pregnancy.  Rings, necklaces, bracelets and even great keychains are easy to customize specifically for the grandparents in your life.  These are great long lasting gifts and memories of the announcement.

Making that all important announcement to your family can be so nerve wrecking and fun.  These great pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents are sure to bring joy, laughter and excitement to your family. Think outside the box and consider what would be the most fun for the individual you are announcing too.  A new pregnancy announcement is a great and fun time for everyone.

Which of these pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

27 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents”

  1. These are neat ways to announce a pregnancy! I love them, wish I had been more creative about announcing with my three, but that’s okay. Now i have some ideas to share with friends!

  2. These are all great ways to announce that you are expecting. Such a happy time it would be hard to hold onto the great news.

  3. I like the puzzle idea. I have heard of framing the ultrasound photo and give it as a gift. When they open it is when they figure it all out.

  4. These are such adorable ideas! I never even thought of doing anything like this when I was pregnant, maybe next time around :)

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