9 Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Will Make You Wonder Where Your Owl Is

Simply magical! See nine Harry Potter inspired pregnancy announcement itdeas now!

Wingardium Leviosa, ready to make your family jump in the air with these Harry Potter pregnancy announcements? Don’t worry, whether you’re a super fan or just enjoy the movies or books we’ve got some magical baby announcements for you to check out. These announcements I hold particularly close to my own heart, as I am a big fan too! I even put a few Harry Potter ideas in my nursery! Check out all of my favorite Harry Potter pregnancy announcements.

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9 Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Will Make You Wonder Where Your Owl Is



The boy or girl who lived, hahaha. Using the giant lightning bolt want to point out the new mom’s tummy is a cute way. I think this would also be a fun twist for a Halloween pregnancy announcement.

Marauders Map

If you ever need to find someone, the Marauders Map is the way to do it! So what happens when someone extra shows up on the map?

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Classic With A Hogwarts Twist


Go ahead and send the owl right away, this family is ready to take on Hogwarts.

Wizarding School Ahead


One more to board the Hogwart’s Express, coming soon to a crib near you! Isn’t this just the cutest little baby outfit you’ve ever seen?

The Magic Continues


The littlest Potterhead can get involved in the fun too! Look at that little guy with his own wand announcing his new sibling!

Epic Chase Through Hogwarts

Here is a fun Harry Potter pregnancy announcement taking full advantage of Harry Potter World, as a little girl races through Hogsmeade with a special message.

Future Griffindor


Save this adorable onesie for when the baby is born. You know your kiddo is definitely up to “to no good,” at least in at diaper change time!

Accio Baby


Show off all your coolest Harry Potter swag for the big announcement. This kid is going to be a reader, or a wizard, or both! I super love that they included a pumpkin juice.

The Boy (or Girl) Who Lived


Bonus points for the amazing Hogwarts castle announcement. If you are good with photoshop and have no castle nearby, you could always edit Hogwarts into the picture!

So which of these Harry Potter pregnancy announcements are you geeking out about? Tell me in the comments!


7 thoughts on “9 Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Will Make You Wonder Where Your Owl Is”

  1. Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing to happen in a women’s life and the announcements are always so much fun & exciting. I love these harry potter ideas so much as they are pretty unique & amazing!

  2. These are all so adorable! I love the idea of referencing Harry Potter! It makes the announcement more fun and it brings out the expecting parents’ creativity! So awesome!

  3. Since I’m not that familiar with Harry Potter, most of these didn’t really do anything for me. That being said, it looks like the parents to be had a great time coming up with a clever way to announce their new wizard to be.

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