7 Spooky Pregnancy Announcements That Will Make You Love Halloween Even More

Wow! These Halloween pregnancy announcements are full of surprises!

Halloween can be spooky and a little kooky which makes it a perfect opportunity to plan a fun pregnancy announcement to surprise them! Whether you like to keep things on the mysterious side or prefer a sweeter treat, there are some super adorable ways to plan your announcement. I’ve got to share the “spooky movie trailer” with my friend who loves scary movies, plus there is a sweet baby idea for the Harry Potter fans! Check out all the creepy and fun Halloween ideas to say a baby is on the way below!

7 Spooky Pregnancy Announcements That Will Make You Love Halloween Even More

Spooky “Coming Soon” Movie Trailer

“Based on true events.” Haha! Ok, the kids running after each dressed in full Halloween in full slasher movie style is hilarious. I don’t think I would have thought to make a horror movie themed announcement for my baby, but it’s such a fun idea! This fun family is ready to welcome baby number three!

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Mummy And Baby


Who’s the mummy and who’s the baby in this picture? This idea to dress your growing bump up as a baby peeking out of mummy wraps is too sweet. I love this idea for trick or treat, but I think it’s also an absolutely adorable way to announce you are pregnant. Let the mummy days begin!

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Skeleton Baby Shirt

Check out this surprise announcement where the mom-to-be wears the most adorable skeleton shirt. I’ve seen this skeleton shirt idea before as a fun Halloween costume idea for when you are pregnant, but I had never thought to do an announcement using the same idea! Here’s a close up of a similar shirt for the full effect!


Harry Potter Magic


I know with all the witches and magic, I always think of Harry Potter around Halloween. The “Mischief Managed” onesie and “I solemnly swear I am up to no good shirts make an announcement that is too cute! I love just how magical this family got during the photo shoot. I couldn’t resist showing you another sweet picture too!


Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice

Are you ready to announce that you are having a baby girl to the world? This pumpkin themed sugar and spice announcement is what you need! I love how fun this idea feels, plus the giant pumpkin doesn’t immediately give away the surprise. Bet this kid will have the nickname “Pumpkin” for a while!

No Tricks Just Treats

This couple has the most adorable Cat In The Hat themed costume, and then they trick or treated to their families houses. Dad was The Cat In The Hat, and mom is twice as adorable as both Thing 1 and Thing 2! This video documents every moment both beautiful and imperfect, and I love it! I kind of feel like this couple is all of us!

Crack Me


In my searches for the ultimate Halloween pregnancy announcements, I uncovered something completely new! Check out these cute themed spooky eggs! You can fill them with a message that says “you’re going to be a grandparent” or even announce the babies gender by filling it with glitter! What a fun little gift this is for a big surprise! Also on the inside of the boxes, they printed “Crack me.” Haha, love it!

So which of these Halloween pregnancy announcements wins your vote? Tell me which of these baby ideas is your favorite down in the comments!

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30 thoughts on “7 Spooky Pregnancy Announcements That Will Make You Love Halloween Even More”

  1. Totally loving the Sugar and Spice! We’re finding out just before Halloween, so I may have to do something similar….unless it’s a boy…then we’ll have to get more creative, lol.

  2. They are all cute tops and ideas but, I have to give it to the mom who got the fake pumpkin head tattoo on her tummy. It was pretty cool. :)

  3. These are all such cute ideas. I love Halloween, so this is something I would do too. I just love how creative some people can get.

  4. These are some really great Halloween pregnancy announcements. I really love the one with the baby t-shirt. It is really adorable. Thanks for sharing the Halloween announcement ideas. .

  5. These are cute announcements. I found out in mid September with my youngest. We didn’t tell anyone except for family until we saw my munchkin on ultrasound. My sister just announced her pregnancy today.

  6. It is a toss up between “I solemnly swear I am up to no good shirts and the Skeleton shirt! I truly can not choose between the two. Too bad I don’t know anyone who needs one of these right now!!

  7. So many great announcement ideas! I really like the one with the little baby peeking out of mummy wraps, so cute! Also the Crack Me one is funny too!

  8. These are so dang cute! I got a few cute halloween maternity tops for the week of that Im excited to wear. Such a fun time to be pregnant!

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