7 Absolutely Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We Love

Looking for ways to share your big news that will have everyone laughing? We’ve rounded up 7 funny pregnancy announcements that you just have to see!Looking for ways to share your big news that will have everyone laughing? We've rounded up 7 funny pregnancy announcements that you just have to see!

So, you want to announce your pregnancy, but you want to do it in a creative and funny way, right? Well, look no further, because here are some of the most hilarious ways to announce your pregnancy.

7 Funny Pregnancy Announcements

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1. Baby X-Ray T-Shirt– What better way to announce your pregnancy than by donning a cute and funny t-shirt? This black colored t-shirt features a rib skeleton with a heart. On the bottom of the skeleton is the cute skeleton of a little baby, holding a cuddly teddy bear.

Looking for ways to share your big news that will have everyone laughing? We've rounded up 7 funny pregnancy announcements that you just have to see!

2. Crib Eviction Notice– This funny pregnancy announcement idea works well if this is your 2nd pregnancy. Your older child will soon be evicted from the crib to make room for the new arrival. Have your older child stand in the crib, holding a sign that reads, “You are expected to vacate this premises by May 19, 2018, this is when the new tenant is due to move in.”

Awesome pregnancy announcement


3. Dog Reading Pregnancy Book– Pets make the most hilarious photo subjects because they are usually completely clueless as to what’s going on. With this pregnancy announcement idea, your furry pal will make sure everyone knows he’s doing his homework when it comes to the impending arrival.

4. Gaming Controllers– Gaming families will love creating this pregnancy announcement idea. Line up Player 1’s (dad-to-be) shoes with a controller, Player 2’s (mom-to-be) shoes with a controller and a pair of baby shoes (Player 3) with a controller.

My wife and I announced it today!

5. Mickey Mouse Ears– You don’t have to go to Disney World for this pregnancy announcement, but then again, what better excuse to visit? If it’s not feasible to head to Disney World, all you need for this announcement is some creativity. Have Cinderella’s Castle as your photo background. Then, stand in the foreground, holding a small pair of Mickey Mouse Ears with the caption- “A New Pair of Ears Coming July 2018.” If you don’t have any mini Mickey Mouse Ears, Amazon has them.

6. Santa Ultrasound– If you are planning to announce your pregnancy around Christmas time, this Santa ultrasound is perfect. Just use your baby ultrasound, then Photoshop a Santa hat on the baby’s head. You can also add a little saying like, “Santa will bring us a special gift this year.”

7. Tin Can Technology– This pregnancy announcement idea is ideal if you already have one child. All you need is 2 empty tin cans and a long piece of string. Cut a hole in the bottom of each can and connect them together using the string. Then, have your older child hold one can up to one of their ears and place the other can against your growing belly.

I laughed so much at all of these funny pregnancy announcements that I can’t even begin to tell you which one is my favorite! I think the dog reading a book is super clever, but that X-Ray shirt is just adorable!

How about you? Which of these funny pregnancy announcements is your favorite? Share below!

8 thoughts on “7 Absolutely Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We Love”

  1. I love these, not sure what direction I’d go in when the time comes but it’s going to have to be punny knowing my other half.

  2. Hahaha I so love the crib eviction notice and Dog Reading Pregnancy Book – But I cannot missed the cuteness of the shirt, definitely that explains everything. Funny and great post. I enjoy it.

  3. Jhilmil Bhansali

    Ha ha that were really interesting pregnancy announcement ideas. Loved the X-ray and Crib eviction one the most of all.

  4. These are great ideas, hoping to use one of them on my next pregnancy, hopefully before this year ends.. I like the baby tshirt and the idea of video game controller, but I might use other things instead, because we’re not really video games enthusiast..

  5. Mike Satterfield

    Not something I have had to deal with yet, but good idea for a possible future child. Like the video game control idea best!

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