7 Super Funny and Cute Pregnancy Announcements

Are you looking for a funny and cute pregnancy announcements? Check out 7 absolutely perfect ideas for sharing your big news with friends and family!

Are you looking for a funny and cute pregnancy announcements?  This is the first of many milestone memories you will have along the way until your new bundle of joy arrives, be sure start out fun and creative!  Whether you choose to do the photos hoot yourself, or hire a professional, this list is sure to get your fun and creative juices flowing!

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7 Super Funny and Cute Pregnancy Announcements

Ice Ice Baby: I know you have heard the song from Vanilla Ice…right?  Super cute and simple photo to shoot to do!  Just go to your local grocery store or gas station and grab 2 bags of ice.  You can even take this pic yourself if you don’t have anyone else to take it for you, use the timer on your phone.  Hubby stands with the 2 bags of ice and you stand holding your belly!  Wear a couple cute smiles and voila!

Eviction Notice: I love this one if you have a younger child that is still sleeping in a crib.  Create a ‘notice’ on cardstock with the date of ‘eviction’ as your due date.  If you can get your tot to be crying or look mad, even better!  (And then I wish you luck getting your little one into a big girl or boy bed!)

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Mug Shots: I wish I would have done this one myself!  This will be super fun to create too.  You can make the backdrop with the height numbers out of paper and a sharpie (it only has to be big enough to cover the shot, not head to toe).  Using black construction paper you can create the name boards for you, your hubby and baby.  Yes…baby!  For baby, hold the name board by your belly, the shot should only be of your belly and board (with the height chart in the background).  You can put whatever you want on this, such as your due date and ‘new partner in crime’.

Prego Dinner: You get to eat after this shoot too!  Mom-to-be drinks ginger ale in a wine glass and daddy drinks wine.  Prepare a spaghetti dinner. Using Prego sauce, tape a piece of cardstock above the word on the jar saying ‘We’re’, so it says ‘We’re Prego’.  You can decide the kind of look you want on your faces but surprised or shocked seem to work well.  

The Coca-Cola Announcement:  You don’t have to be a soda lover to use this one.  Take advantage of the cans or bottles Coke has available and find ones that say ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’.  You can add your expected due date at the bottom in a corner and keep it simple and straightforward.  Many will be surprised!

Movie poster promotional: I totally would have done this one too had I thought of it!  You can create a fun photo (and get a glimpse into the future) by spreading toys all over the floor, make you and your hubby look ragged and tired, slumped against the wall and come up with a cute movie title like ‘Coming April 2016 Raising a Baby’.

If it were my turn again, I honestly don’t know which cute pregnancy announcement I would choose.  I would probably do them all and then send out different pregnancy announcements  to everyone!  Here is a bonus idea, when I was pregnant with my son, I had my daughter make the ‘Home Alone’ face and then I added text saying ‘OMG I am going to be a big sister!’  

Which of these cute pregnancy announcements will you choose?  Post below how you announced to the world that you were pregnant!

12 thoughts on “7 Super Funny and Cute Pregnancy Announcements”

  1. Adorable! I love people who show their creativity by making an entertaining announcement for everyone to see. So nice!

  2. These sound like such cute ideas. I haven’t been pregnant when I was using Facebook so much, so we didn’t really have any kind of announcements for any of ours. I would love to, though.

  3. I love how creative people are getting with their pregnancy announcements. The eviction notice one is my favorite on this list. I will have to share this with my friend that is expecting.

  4. how lovely. When I was pregnant with my boys you didn’t see fancy and unusual ways to announce the pregnancy. I still don’t think I would do it any other way but I love seeing people’s announcements.

  5. Love these! When I was pregnant with my son we got our daughter to pose with the scan photo and then added some word art saying “I’m going to be a big sister”. Wasn’t very original but we wanted her to be involved as much as possible xxx

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Those are all super cute. I just made something on the computer, put it in a frame and wrapped it up as a christmas gift for the parents.

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