Fun Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender During Your Pregnancy

Check out our favorite ways to reveal your baby's gender during your pregnancy!

If you decide to find out your baby’s gender, one of the most fun parts of pregnancy is sharing that news with others! I really wish I had been more creative when I found out I was having a boy. I was inspired to write this post after I saw my friend, Marla, share the most adorable gender reveal cake that she baked for another friend. I thought it was just so creative! Then I thought “hey, I bet there are other really fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender during pregnancy” and got to work finding them! Take a look at my favorites!

Creative Gender Reveal ideas during pregnancy

Gender Reveal Cake: Surprise Inside!


First, the cake that inspired this post! Marla told me that she used the Surprise on the Inside Betty Crocker recipe as the inspiration for her cake. I love how she made the outside decor pretty neutral to keep you guessing! Fill the cake with either blue or pink candies, depending on your baby’s gender. Then, when you cut the cake, they come falling out and everyone knows what you’re having!

Blue or Pink: What do You Think?

This is a clever idea for those who aren’t crafty with cakes. Simply decorate the box, then fill it with balloons in the proper color. When the time comes, open the box and spill out the balloons to reveal your baby’s gender!

Gender Hidden in an Egg

Here’s a really cute idea that requires far more hand-eye coordination than I have. Take an empty egg shell and poke a hole in it. Fill it with glitter in the color of your baby’s gender. Or, to make it FAR easier and less messy, fill plastic eggs! Use gender-neutral green and yellow eggs, then fill it with glitter and a message saying “It’s a Boy” or girl, of course. Tweak our cute pregnancy announcement craft for your reveal!

Girl or Boy Facebook Post

If hosting a gender reveal party during your pregnancy sounds like too much work, you can always go with a fun social media post to tell the world! I love this idea above. Build suspense by posting the first half early in the morning, then make your friends and family wait for the second half later in the afternoon! If you want to really drive them nuts, make them wait a week!!

Silly String Gender Reveal

This idea fromA Step in the Journey is great for parties or for sharing the news with your other kids. Who doesn’t love silly string? Click through the pin to find directions on how to cover the silly string cans to keep it a secret!

Supplies and other ideas

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These are just a few of many fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender! If you’re planning to do it at a shower, check out our tips for planning a baby shower!
How did you announce your baby’s gender during pregnancy? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. LoL, It is a unique way to celebrity the pregnancy announcements, I am really happy to see this type of unique way. Thumbs up for this post.

    Thank & Regards,
    Mark Person

  2. These ideas are so exciting and we aren’t even expecting atm LOL. I love the betty crocker surprise inside cake idea…would love to see how else I can incorporate that with other ideas :) Thanks for sharing!

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