5 Fun Pregnancy Riddles That Will Make Your Family Jump For Joy

So adorable! These fun pregnancy riddles are the sweetest!

When a new baby is on the way, you might want to surprise your family with a fun riddle to let everyone that you’re pregnant! There are so many different ways to announce that a new little baby bundle is coming soon, and I’ve searched through them all! Below you’ll find some of my favorite fun riddles that will tell everyone the good news…if they can guess the answer! Use one of these riddles to surprise your family and friends!

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5 Fun Pregnancy Riddles That Will Make Your Family Jump For Joy

Mary Has Some Big News!

So I this sweet riddle you very obviously should change your name for the name Mary. Otherwise, your family might wonder why you’re announcing Mary’s pregnancy! Haha

That bump on Mary

Believe me it grew

It grew and it grew

And it grew and it grew


You could not, would not

Want to miss

It’s time we tell you

All about this


We’ve got some news

It’s big today

In a few months’ time we hope that maybe

You’ll celebrate with us, because we’re having a…!

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Dr. Suess Style

You could go full Dr. Seuss with this one riddle. I can see this being super adorable with a picture, on social media, or even for a baby shower invitation!

What is this news?

Oh haven’t you heard?

Something is coming

Around September 23rd!

So shout from the rooftops

What is now done

Coming soon is number one!

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I Can’t Wait

You can feel the excitement in this sweet riddle!

I can’t wait till it’s here 
It gets a new name 
Without it, my life stays the same 
It’s sweet, it requires work, but it’s pure joy, 
It comes in two kinds, a girl or a boy.

Time For Some New Shoes

Baby shows are seriously the best! I know they don’t wear them long, but I would still wrap this riddle up with a pair of tiny shoes!

We’ve waited a while

To share our lovely news

It looks like we’ll be shopping

For some tiny little shoes!

First Comes Love

This one is a classic poem. I hope your loved ones figure out the riddle in a flash!

First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes… arriving soon!

Do you know of any fun riddles to tell everyone you’re pregnant? I love the shoe riddle, which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “5 Fun Pregnancy Riddles That Will Make Your Family Jump For Joy”

  1. These are fun. I love the Dr. Suess style. :) Baby announcements are gettng so great these days, and I do lov e me a good riddle.

  2. These are hysterical! We will be with family this holiday and I’m sure some of the younger couples will get a kick out of these riddles!

  3. Breaking the news was always so fun. I don’t have any cute riddles, but we did a fun scavenger hunt for the kids when we were having baby #3.

  4. I wish the internet was around when I was expecting. These are such fun ideas. All I had was an “I’m the big sister” shirt to announce our second child. Nothing cool for the first.

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