Easy Pregnancy Announcement: Look What’s Hatching Egg Craft

Are you looking for a fun yet frugal way to let family and friends know you are expecting a new baby? If so, this Look What’s Hatching egg craft makes the perfect spring time pregnancy announcement.


Using a few materials found at your local dollar store, this easy pregnancy announcement is a fun way to let everyone in on the good news. Take a peek at how to make your own pregnancy announcement such as this.

Easy Pregnancy Announcement: Look What’s Hatching Egg Craft


Supplies needed: (affiliate links included)

You can find most of these items at your local dollar store or craft store. If you already know what you are having as far as gender, you can choose Easter eggs that compliment the gender. If you don’t know yet, choose any color you wish. There is always a huge variety of choices this time of year so pick what suits your tastes and reflects your style.

1. Begin by cutting your scrapbook paper into long strips. You want the strips to be about an inch wide each.
2. On the strips, simply right, “Look what’s hatching! Baby Smith due to arrive 7/21/14” works great! Or, you can add any extra wording you wish.
3. Roll the strip of paper up and place it inside the egg. Snap the egg shut.
4. During your spring festivities, you can hand out the eggs and have everyone open them for a real surprise! Or, you can put one in a padded mailer and send them out for some real fun as well.

Give this simple and easy pregnancy announcement a try. It is a great way to share the good news in a way that is fun yet frugal. So gather your supplies and get crafting! Chances are you’ve been full of excitement ever since you saw too lines on that pregnancy test, so let it fuel you to share the good news in this creative way.

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