Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Got a positive pregnancy test during the holidays? Share your good news this year with these Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement Ideas!

Sharing the good news of your new pregnancy with your friends and family can be made so much more special with these Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.  Not only are they great for a fun surprise card in the mail – they will create a lasting memory your family can hold onto.  Hold onto a copy of the pregnancy announcement you choose to use and place in your baby book for safe keeping.




Reserved Sign In Place Of Stocking On The Mantle:  Take a photo of your mantle with holiday stockings hanging.  Put a small sign up on the end with “reserved for bay due” and the due date in an empty space. Add your traditional holiday greeting to the card with a simple note that you are excited to add a new bundle of joy to your family his year.
Empty Baby Shoes Between Parents Shoes:  This has become highly popular and very effective in announcing a pregnancy.  Parents can be standing side by side with empty baby shoes between them, or you can simply place a pair of the expectant parents shoes on either side of a set of baby shoes for the photo.  Add a holiday theme in the background and use a message of, “Happy Holidays From Our Growing Family To Yours”.
Ultrasound Picture Card:  Use the ultrasound picture as the image on your holiday card.  Add a special message stating, “Our Holiday Bundle Came Early – Due” and ad in appropriate due date.  This my be appropriate for those who are closer to the couple an family since it is an intimate image being shared.
The Belly Kiss Photo Card:  When Daddy is kneeling and kissing Mommy’s pregnant belly the message is clear.  This is an excellent way to share the happy news with those on your list this year.  Add a small note of how your holiday gift is due later the next year, etc. for personal effect.


No More Silent Nights Card:  Grab a chalkboard and write the message, “Trading Silent Night For A Bundle Of Joy” on it.  Have the happy couple hold the sign up and use that image as a great photo card to send to friends and family.

There is nothing quite as fun as sending out a special Christmas card pregnancy announcement this holiday season.  Whether you share with only a few close friends and family, or everyone on your list – these ideas are sure to help you share the news in a great way.  Mix and match ideas to create what works best for you, your family and your relationships all while celebrating the love that this holiday season is all about.

Do you have any cute Christmas card pregnancy announcement ideas you’d like to share with us? Tell us in the comments!

24 thoughts on “Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement Ideas”

  1. Cute ideas! I so wanted to announce at Christmas last year but we weren’t at 12 weeks yet. I waited until Valentine’s Day and incorporated a heart theme into my announcement photos.

  2. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    These are just cute pregnancy announcement ideas. I think the reserved stocking, the baby booties and the trading in a silent night for a bundle of joy are my favourites 🙂

  3. These are all cute Christmas cards/ pregnancy announcements. I love the one with the ultrasound picture. Thanks for sharing.

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