7 Best Ways to Announce You Are Pregnant with Twins

There are so many fun & original twin pregnancy announcement ideas out there! Check out 7 of our all-time favorite ways to share your double-exciting news!

Are you looking for the cutest twin pregnancy announcement ideas?  There are so many fun and original ways to announce the 2 little bundles of joy that will soon grace your lives.  It is the first of many firsts you will have with these tiny little humans, you want to make the announcement fit the 2 of you.  Here are some of my favorite ways to announce you’re pregnant with twins!

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2 Peas in a Pod:

Simply take a photo of your families hands.  Daddy’s, Mommy’s, then kids (if you have them already) and in the kid’s hands is a peapod with 2 peas in it ‘2 peas in a pod’. The only text I would use is the expected due date.


We planned 2+1=3 God laughed 2+2=4 (you can use an existing child if you have one, just add one to the equations).

Twins Pregnancy Announcemt Ideas

Wait, what?

Put 2 sets of booties in front of your dog, then make him look confused and use the words ‘Wait, you’re having how many?’

Morning sickness and sick daddy:

The first pic shows mom with head in toilet and happy dad pointing at her text reads ‘We’re expecting…’ the second pic shows dad with head in the toilet, mom smiling, holding her positive test and text reads ‘twins!’


I like this one if you are announcing your pregnancy in the fall.  Get enough pumpkins to represent each member of your family.  Leave them intact, except for the one that is representing you.  That one you want to clean out, and cut a hole in the front, then place 2 of the tiny pumpkins inside.  On the pic, you can add the date of your due date!

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Camping with 4:

I saw this and thought it was so original and cute!  If you love camping and the outdoors, this might be right up your alley!  Parents-to-be lay on top of their sleeping bags and hold hands, and in between them are 2 tiny (and empty) sleeping bags.  The announcement reads ‘Twice the adventure’.  How stinking cute is that?!

Upset sibling:

Kids’ reactions are so cute!  Set a card next to your existing child, who is sitting with head in hands, and the card or chalkboard reads ‘Mommy is having twins’.  Simple, yet gets your message across (and also your little one’s feelings about it all!)

These are just a few cute twin pregnancy announcement ideas. I also found some great ones on Pinterest. Check them out.



Whatever twin pregnancy announcement ideas  you decide to use to let your family and friends know you are preggers with twins, it is exciting news!  Choose one that best suits your style.  Are you funny, sweet, or sentimental?  You don’t have to do these to the T, you can tweak it to fit your personality.  

How did you announce you were preggers with 2 instead of just 1?  Tell us in the comments!

23 thoughts on “7 Best Ways to Announce You Are Pregnant with Twins”

  1. My only son is convinced that someday I’m going to get pregnant again and I will have twins, one boy and one girl. I wish that it would happen already because I’m not getting any younger!

  2. I love all of these! The pumpkin one is probably my favorite. I plan on doing a picture of me blowing a bubble (color coded to the gender) when I get around to having little ones! :)

  3. These are really fun! They make me a little bit sad I won’t be having any more kids to announce (not that it’s likely we’d have had twins, anyway)!

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