9 Of The Best Instagram Pregnancy Announcements Ever

Ready to announce your pregnancy on Instagram? We've found some of the best Instagram Pregnancy Announcements ever, these ideas are adorable!

If you have a baby on the way, look no further for the best Instagram pregnancy announcements! Instagram announcements are very visual, letting everyone know without a doubt that baby is on the way. The key to an amazing announcement is to make a statement (funny or sweet) without much text. Check out these ideas from the families who are rocking the best Instagram pregnancy announcements. Serious creativity to follow!

The Best Instagram Pregnancy Announcements

Shocked Kid With Sonogram


Sure, we’ve seen lots of pregnancy announcements with siblings, and many announcements featuring sonograms. What sets this announcement apart is the genuinely shocked expression on the big brother’s face! I don’t know what they said to this kid, but this pic is adorable!

Shopping For Two


Having a baby is super exciting, but when you are planning the gear can be super exciting too! The strollers, the fluffy lambs, the itsy bitsy shoes that will look adorable on your new baby. This mama seems like she steps out in style and so will her new baby!

Wandering Travelers


Have you caught the travel bug? Let your friends and family there is a new kid is in town for the middle seat… at least, until you can’t claim that they are an infant in arms anymore!



Ever thought about being the star of your very own comic book? This kid steals the show as his comic book announces he’s going to be a big brother. Hilarious!

Mugs + Name!


These two parents are so cute! Not only are they telling us with their adorable chalkboard mugs that a baby is on the way, but they also include their family name in this adorable picture. This idea is also a fun way to announce the babies name or gender, too cute!



I might be a little partial with this announcement as I’m from Ohio. If you’re not from Ohio, you may not know that you can walk into almost any crowded place in Ohio, yell out O-H and you will hear someone yell back I-O in support of OSU football. This fam took it one step further making the full OHIO including the sonogram. Know any OSU fans? Send this to them stat!

Best Friend


So many announcements play off the sibling being upset at another kid joining the family. This pregnancy announcement is so sweet with the big sister waiting for her new best friend.” Aww, can’t stop the feels with this announcement!

Baby Carriage


This announcement has so many things working for it. There is a sweet vintage looking baby carriage, cute smiling older siblings, and even the fact that everything is white without a trace of ketchup or pasta sauce. This announcement is super sweet, and you can pull off the baby carriage idea in other settings too!



This pregnancy announcement is a nice twist on having both parents make a heart over the belly with their hands. Just in case you missed the heart, mom-to-be made it easier on you by wearing a shirt that says Preggers! Ha!

So which pic do you think is the best Instagram pregnancy announcement? Tell me which ones you love in the comments!

3 thoughts on “9 Of The Best Instagram Pregnancy Announcements Ever”

  1. Those are all so adorable! I don’t think I can think of a better announcement than those. I love the one with the luggage and the shopping for two!

  2. For some reason the Instagram photos aren’t showing for me but I bet they are cute. I’m on my windows 10 tablet but when the weather is better I’ll plug up my laptop or desktop pc and come back to see the photos.

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