5 Fantastic Riddles And Answers To Surprise Everyone With A Baby

Surprise everyone with our five fantastic baby riddles and answers.

When you’re trying to surprise your family, you might find yourself searching for baby riddles with answers that will keep your family guessing. Wait does that really mean what I think that riddle means? Yay, a baby really is on the way! If you like to add a little fun and surprise to your baby announcement, then check out these five riddles that all lead to one answer, baby!

5 Baby Riddles And Answers

I Can’t See You

This is a super sweet poem that may just bring on the waterworks! I get a little teary reading this sweet riddle!

I can bring a smile to your face,

A tear to your eye,

Or even a thought to your mind.

But, I can’t be seen.

What am I?

A baby!

Impossible To Keep

This is a tough little poem, but also might be good for a bit of a laugh too!

What’s easy to make, but impossible to keep forever? A baby!

All The Answers Are Baby

This sweet riddle might be fun if you add the actual items or even pictures of the items! Do you think your family will guess what all of these items have in common?

What word can complete all of the following?

  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Swing
  • Steps
  • Clothes

Sweet Baby In The Cabbage Patch

This riddle feels a little more dreamy and lovely with that first line, but the second line reminds you of reality!

I’m brought by a bird and found under a cabbage.

I sleep all the time but keep everyone else awake.

What am I?

A baby!

How Big Is Baby

If you’re more than six weeks along, you can, of course, substitute the lentil in this poem. Use this handy baby size list to figure out which food your baby is closest in size too to complete this riddle!

I’m as big as a lentil at six weeks grown

Soon my presence will be known

What am I?

A baby!

These riddles with baby as the final answer are so incredibly sweet! Ok, so I have to know which one of these riddles you like. Also if you know of any other sweet riddles where the final answer is baby, leave it in the comments for all of us to see!

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  1. Baby announcement is always fun when expressed with surprises and Baby Riddles are nice way to do it as it brings so much excitement among family members as well. With so many creative ideas this could be a great one to add to the list!

  2. Those are adorable riddles that you can use during pregnancy announcements! I like the idea of using riddles to keep it fun and exciting!

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