8 Creative Ways to Announce Your Twins!

Tell your family you’re baking more than one bun in the oven with these 8 creative ways to announce your twins! Check them out!

Looking for clever ways to announce your twins? In the U.S., statistics show that twins accounted for about 3 in 100 births! In the last 20 years, the rate of giving birth to twins has risen by almost 80%. If you are expecting twins, first, congratulations! Having two bundles of joy on the way at one time is more than exciting and definitely worth celebrating. Once you are ready to reveal that you are not only expecting one but two lovely babies, you’ll want to make sure you do it in the most memorable way possible! Here are 8 ways to announce your twins.

8 Ways to Announce Your Twins!

1. Two peas in a pod The two peas in a pod theme has been going on for years now, but we think it is one of the cutest twin reveals that we have seen! Who would have thought that a green vegetable could be turned into something so adorable?

2. Two pairs of baby shoes We’ve all seen the pictures of mom’s shoes, dad’s shoes and the upcoming baby’s shoes. This image can be easily recreated with another pair of baby shoes!


3. Two buns in the oven Two buns in the oven is another twin theme that has existed for awhile now, but it never gets old! It’s funny and gets the point across rather quickly.

4. Post your sonogram picture Not everyone looks at a sonogram picture closely. But, once they notice that there are two babies in the picture, you’re bound to get all sorts of responses!

It's going to be twins!

5. 2+2=4 This is the easiest math problem of all! A simple image with 2+2=4 will definitely share the message that twins are on their way!

6. Use food to portray the message How about two big pumpkins and two small ones or two big apples and two smaller fruit? Food-based images are sweet and you have a delicious snack after the fact!


7. Double the trouble, twice the fun This cute saying is a fun way of announcing that the stork is bringing not one but two babies! The phrase can be added to any image.

8. Letter blocks that spell out “TWINS” What kid doesn’t play with the wooden blocks with letters on them? Add a sweet touch to your announcement photo by holding blocks that spell out TWINS. This is a cute and easy way to tell friends and family members!

How did you announce that you were having twins? What was your first thought when you found out? We can’t wait to hear your stories!

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  1. I wish that I would have thought to do this when I found out about our twins. Doing fun announcements like these weren’t as popular then.

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