7 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Include Your Cat

Pets are part of your family, so why not make pregnancy announcements that include your cat? Check out our hilarious and sweet ideas.

Pets are part of the family, so you have to see these hilarious pregnancy announcements that include your cat. Usually, people think of making a pregnancy announcement with their dog, but all of your fuzzy furballs are about to have their world turned upside down by the baby. Include your kitties from the start, let your cat help you tell the world that baby is on the way. Need some ideas? Here are my top seven ideas for a pregnancy announcement that include your cat.

Pregnancy Announcements That Include Your Cat

We’re Not Kitten Ya


Let’s face it, cats are simply not as agreeable as dogs when you are trying to snap a picture. Why not add a few quick props such as your pregnancy test and your pregnancy scan. Then later, you can edit your message in. Then you can get that perfect shot where the cats are looking at the camera, and the world can read your adorable message. We’re paws-itive this pregnancy announcement is magical!

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag


We have to hand it to you; you kept this pregnancy secret on the down low for a while. Now with your pregnancy announcement the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows! This announcement is even easier if your cats like bags as much as mine does. A bag is practically a present in itself for kitty!

My Parents Are Getting Me A Human


This adorable kitty does not seem super excited about this note, but I bet the parents to be are excited! I like that they included this photo in what appears to be the cats favorite window spot. Make sure to bribe with a can of tuna for that photo, too cute!

Welcome To My Crib


Here is another easy and hilarious idea for pregnancy announcements that include your cat! If you already had a crib from baby number one or are just already prepared for baby why not snap a picture of your kitty exploring the crib. At some point, that cat is going to jump in there anyways, and it makes an adorable and fun announcement before you shoo them away!



Hahaha, what an adorable twist on a Prego pasta sauce announcement! I love the idea of pairing up your kitty next to a jar of sauce for a pregnancy announcement. Your friends and family are sure to be surprised!

They Brought Us A Present

Birth announcement Fletcher Lens-FitzGerald

Having problems getting your cats to look at the camera? If you have art skills why not draw a sweet announcement. Most cats are known for not adapting quickly to change, so a new baby in the house might be an adjustment for a while. I love this announcement where this cat has no idea what is coming. This pregnancy announcement idea is too sweet.

Said No Cat EVER

Said no cat ever

Have baby number two on the way? Share your cats elation at the idea of a second child to pull his tail love him. You can tell this cat is SUPER excited for baby two. Don’t worry, your family and friends will be excited for you!

Did you include your cat in your pregnancy announcement or know somebody who did? Did one of these pregnancy announcements that include your cat have you laughing? Tell me in the comments!

14 thoughts on “7 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Include Your Cat”

  1. What a cute way to include the fuzziest family member in the pregnancy announcement! People really love their cats!

  2. These are all so adorable. I love the idea of including the cat. What a fun way to recreate the traditional pregnancy announcement.

  3. Elizabeth Lampman

    These are all fantastic pregnancy announcements. I will have to share this with a friend that just found out she is pregnant.

  4. Ha, ha, ha… I love that one that says our parents are getting us a human. That is so super-funny! These are all adorable. Thanks for the afternoon smiles.

  5. These are such cute ideas for pregnancy announcements. I especially love the “getting me a human” one, that is funny.

  6. Stop!!! These are too cute. <3 Can't handle it! I'm sending these to my pregnant & cat-obsessed sister. She will probably be inspired to do the same!

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