7 DIY Pregnancy Announcements That Take Only 5 Minutes

DIY pregnancy announcements can be quick! Check out our list of adorable pregnancy announcement ideas you can make in five minutes or less!

Let’s face it, mama is tired and DIY pregnancy announcements take time. I spent most of my first trimester visiting the loo and had very little energy for coming up with the perfect pregnancy announcement. So here’s to all the tired mama’s to be! Check out my list of cute pregnancy announcements you can make in a flash!

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7 DIY Pregnancy Announcements That Take Only 5 Minutes

Safety Pin Announcement


Found on Imgur / Via imgur.com

One of my very good friends used this adorable safety pin style announcement and it was such a hit. She loves crafty things, but with a toddler already at home and a full-time job teaching, an adorable but simple announcement was the ticket. This was a super cute announcement I will always remember!

Baby Loading


Found on Pinterest / Via hellolittleworld.com

If you prefer a higher tech announcement, you should try this cute loading bar announcement. This is a super easy one, all you have to do is write on your belly and take a picture. If you don’t have face paint handy, an eyeliner pencil could easily and safely help you recreate this announcement.

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Pregnant And In Shock


Found on Pinterest / Via aobrienphotography.com

Do you have your pregnancy test in hand? Recreate this adorable pregnancy announcement of full shock! What a cute way to share your news! I think this one would also be equally darling to announce an adoption.

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Use Some Math


Found on Pinterest / Via trystanphotography.com

Use simple math to let everyone know your family is growing! Grab a piece of chalk and you are on your way to the perfect announcement! Having twins? You may want to adjust your numbers! This is also a great announcement to include the older siblings or even your dog!

Have A Furry Friend Lend A Paw


Found on Pinterest / Via milamadventures.blogspot.com

If you have a pet that you want to include in your announcement, this idea is adorable. Create a quick sign for the background, and then diaper your dog, cat or other pet. I can just see my own cat scowling at the camera while wearing a baby diaper. If you are a pet family, this is an epic idea.

Something Is Brewing


Found on Pinterest / Via 2becomethree.blogspot.com

If you are a coffee fanatic, then this adorable Starbucks announcement is the perfect quick announcement! Of course, you could use any coffee chain or even coffee mugs from your home without dropping the cash for a cuppa, though the caffeine free drinks at Starbucks are equally delish!

Say It With A Book


Found On Yellow WISHBONE / via yellowwishbone.com

I have a total soft spot for Dr. Seuss, and this announcement is such a sweet moment with the new parents reading classic Seuss books. If you don’t have these classic Dr. Seuss books yet, hit up your local library. You can even take the picture in the library! Then add these books to your collection, because you are going to want them for your baby. Super cute!

Which is your favorite DIY pregnancy announcement? Did you have a super cute announcement that only took you minutes to make? Share your ideas and comments with me!

22 thoughts on “7 DIY Pregnancy Announcements That Take Only 5 Minutes”

  1. These are too cute. I’ve never seen the safety pin one so that would probably be my favorite. My friends did one using Starbucks cups but used an espresso cup as the baby since it’s super tiny (instead of the bottle).

  2. The one with the dog is my favorite. I love creative pregnancy announcements, my daughter surprised us with a pacifier and said we’d be needing it soon.

  3. I really like the safety pin one. I’ve never seen that one used before so it’s really fun! All of these are cute ideas though. The passed out Dad one is pretty funny too! Some friends did a similar one and it was a hit. :)

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