5 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Gifts To Surprise The Grandparents

Today we’re sharing 5 pregnancy announcement gifts for grandparents to share your good news with your own parents!  Telling the grandparents that you are pregnant can be almost as exciting as telling your partner! Surprise them further with a memorable keepsake that they can cherish long after the baby is born. Whether this is your first child or you are adding another kid to the team, these moments are special. Adding a gift is a great way to make some spectacular memories as you share your excitement and love with your family. Here are some great ideas I found that you can purchase or make and surprise the grandparents!

5 Pregnancy Announcement Gifts For Grandparents

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Countdown Blocks

I found these adorable countdown blocks that countdown either the weeks (or days) until the new grandbaby arrives. Wrap up a set of these blocks and your family will be excited and surprised when they open them. I found this idea on Pinterest, and you could make your own with some scraps of wood, decoupage glue like Mod Podge, pretty scrapbooking paper and a steady hand with a Sharpie.


Memorable Locket

Gift the grandparents  a beautiful locket as a pregnancy announcement gift. Inside, tuck a secret message that says congratulations you’re going to be a grandma! What a sweet way to mark the occasion, and a beautiful memento that they are sure to cherish.


Scrabble Memories

My family loves playing board games together and has for years. I ran across this simple and adorable Scrabble Wall Art on Pinterest that I know my mom would love. You could easily make one of these cute pieces of art and add the new babies name to the piece. My family would be so excited to discover a new mixed in with the family names!

Add a printable card to your gift completely free: Great Free Pregnancy Announcement Cards

Stork Delivery Care Package

These little stork package gift sets are adorable. Start with a small canvas drawstring bag, then stencil Stork Delivery on the side with fabric paint. Add a picture of your sonogram and a small gift to use with the baby for the new grandparents. I love the adorable shoes and the board book this blogger included. I would probably include the book “What Grandmas Do Best What Grandpas Do Best” now that I see how much my daughter and her grandparents have enjoyed this book with two stories.


Holiday Ornament Love

If you find out you are pregnant close to the holidays, then a custom holiday ornament is another fun way to announce a pregnancy. Not only will your family be excited, but every holiday season you will have a very special memory. My family knew I was pregnant, but we announced what we had decided to name our child by hiding a Christmas ornament with the name on the tree. My mom and dad were so excited when they found the right ornament!

Need more ideas to announce your pregnancy to the grandparents? Check out our post 5 Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents.

Which pregnancy announcement is your favorite to surprise the grandparents? Tell me in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “5 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Gifts To Surprise The Grandparents”

  1. These are super cute ideas. I love the ornament one. When we were pregnant with our third, we gave my parents a picture frame with 3 picture holes. Two had pictures of our kids and the third one said “for baby #3, due …”. They loved it. Things are way more creative now since Pinterest has come along, LOL.

    1. That’s an adorable way to announce Kirsten! I bet your parents were so excited to add a new picture to the frame!

  2. I think the locket is a precious, personal keepsake, especially for a first grandchild. My mom let me take my childhood books to my house, saying she wanted them back if she ever gets grandkids (my brothers and I aren’t exactly cooperating on that score, much to her chagrin). I always thought (on the off chance I got pregnant) that wrapping up the books for her would be a good way to “announce” it to her.

    1. It’s so hard to keep the secret, isn’t it? That’s why we ended up announcing our name choice with the ornament instead of that we were expecting! Everyone already knew we were expecting! haha

  3. I love all of these! When I was pregnant with my youngest (who just turned a year), my oldest (who was 6 at the time) let everyone know, so I didn’t have a chance to plan anything :-)

  4. Awe, I want one of those when I become a grandparent. Got a long way to go yet, but I’ll hint when the kids are old enough that’s for sure.

  5. Those are all adorable ideas. I think I like the Scrabble tiles, and the ornament one the best. People are so creative these days. lol I just did a phone call in the old, boring way. =)

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