5 Fun Pregnancy Announcements You Can Eat

What better way to share your good news that with a tasty treat to go along with? Check out these 5 fun pregnancy announcements that you can actually eat!

When you find out you are expecting you want to make your announcement special, and these are 5 Fun Pregnancy Announcements You Can Eat!  Making this exciting time in your life even more spectacular is easy when you celebrate and share your good news with a fun treat that everyone will enjoy.  From cookies to cakes and fun things in between you are sure to find just the right way to announce your pregnancy with these ideas.

5 Fun Pregnancy Announcements You Can Eat

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Custom Cookies:  There are tons of baby themed cookie cutters out there to buy.  Grab some in the shapes of rattles, babies, bottles and pacifiers.  Make up your favorite batch of sugar cookies, cut them out and bake.  Ice them with pink and blue and your prospective due date.  “Baby X Due X” is a great way to ice these cookies.  Load them into boxes, tins or bags and take to your friends and family as a fun and tasty way to share your joy and pregnancy announcement you an eat.

Custom Cake or Cupcakes:  If your family is throwing a party for any reason, this is a great choice.  Having a special cake made with the announcement is so fun and easy, but cucpakes are even more fun.  You can add fun sprinkles, various colors and of course the due date to them to share your excitement with everyone.

Custom M & M’s:  Did you know you can order these classic candies with nearly any message you want printed on them?  This is a great and fun way to announce to your friends and family.  Have them put into special gift containers, or bagged like any regular candy would be.  Hand them out and watch the reaction as they notice your special news printed on these chocolate treats!

Custom Fortune Cookies:  Whether you order a box of the regular classic fortune cookies with your announcement, or you grab one of the larger deluxe specialty fortune cookies to make the big announcement with, this is a super fun way to share your news.  This fun pregnancy announcement you can eat is great for casually sharing at the end of a meal with friends and family.  Serve up some dim sum like wontons, potstickers and similar and have a fun dinner party that ends with a special announcement tucked into this crunchy cookie.

Custom Lollipops: Use baby themed candy molds to make your own custom lollipops.  Announce by sharing these suckers with a small note attached saying, “Baby X Due X”.  This is a fun and cool treat that everyone will love receiving.

No matter what you choose, these fun pregnancy announcements you can eat will please a crowd.  From homemade treats to specialty ordered items, you are sure to make everyone thrilled to find out your special surprise.

Have you ever given pregnancy announcements that you can eat? What did you give out?

30 thoughts on “5 Fun Pregnancy Announcements You Can Eat”

  1. Love this post. Looks like a fun and cute idea. I really love the custom lollipops and M & M’s ideas. Will have to share this post with my friends who is trying to get conceived. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  2. I actually made a nice lunch for my family and then had each family member open a card that was written by the baby that was in my womb. Sounds silly but it was fun.

  3. Custom cakes are so popular now. The fortune cookie is a creative and unique idea, but they’d all be tasty announcements.

  4. Katie – Loved these ideas – check out the fortune cookies and added to my wish list so I remember – and did order some cookie cutters for a gift – thank you – great tips

  5. I love the idea of Custom Fortune Cookies! I think for baby #2 we will take a picture of my daughter in a “Big Sister” shirt! :)

  6. These are some very cute ideas. I kinda wish that we would have done something like this when we announced what we were having. I remember that we were teasing our friends and family on Facebook and texts for about an hour before we finally told everyone that we were having a boy.

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