5 Fun Pregnancy Announcements Christmas Style

The holidays are a great time to share your big news about your growing family! Check out our favorite Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas!

Christmas is such a special time of year, and now you get to announce you are expecting!  Such a great ‘gift’ to your friends and family!  Now how are you going to do it?  There are so many fun ways to say ‘Surprise!’ but you want to be original, and true to your personalities.  I took the liberty of gathering a few ways you can announce your pregnant at Christmas!  

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5 Fun Christmas pregnancy announcement Ideas

We’ve been Naughty: Are you on the naughty list?  It’s a simple but  super cute pic!  Just the 2 of you and a chalk board or a white board saying ‘Were on the naughty list!’ and an arrow pointed to your belly!  This will definitely get your message across.

Tree Trimming Party: Invite your friends and family over for some Christmas goodies and eggnog (although you won’t be having any!).  They think they are coming over to help decorate your tree, but really you are going to be announcing you’re pregnant.  Before the party, go to the dollar store and get a bunch of those glass ornaments.  With a sharpie, (I would pick green or red or gold, keep it festive!) write things like ‘We’re pregnant!’ and ‘We are due to (date)’.  When you place the ornaments out for everyone to start decorating, sit back and see who picks up the first message!

‘Ho Ho OH!’: This is super cute, and isn’t quite as ‘in your face’ as some others (which is why I like it so much).  You can make the signs out of cardboard.  If you have kids already, have them hold the Ho Ho signs and of course, you will be holding the OH sign

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A Child’s Wish: When you were a kid, did you ever ask Santa for ‘a real baby’?  I know I did (and my daughter did!)  When you are creating your holiday cards, why not make it a folded photo card?  The real message will be on the inside.  On the front, take a pic of your daughter (or son) holding a sign that reads ‘I asked Santa for a real baby’ (or you can add the text to the front).  Then, the inside reads ‘My gift will be delivered (due date)’.  

T-shirt Message: If you are going to a family gathering that isn’t so formal, this is perfect!  You can make it yourself which is even more fun.  Get some iron-on letters and a green, red or white shirt.  Your message can read ‘Mom-to-be’ or ‘Baby on Board’.  When you remove your coat, don’t make a big scene, just see who notices first!  

Our Favorite Pinterest Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whichever way you choose to tell your friends and family you are expecting, they will no doubt be surprised and thrilled!  Christmas just got a little sweeter.

 Did you announce your pregnancy around the holidays?  How did you do it?  Share your surprises with us in the comments below and help inspire someone else!


18 thoughts on “5 Fun Pregnancy Announcements Christmas Style”

  1. I think my favorite idea is the “I asked Santa” announcement. I also like the pin you shared with the “do not open” sign. I’ll have to keep a few of these in mind for when we start trying to get pregnant.

  2. These are cute ideas. I never found out that I was expecting near Christmas. I did have a sonogram a few days after Christmas with my youngest and posted a photo the babys outline without posting the gender. We had fun with it for about an hour before we announced it was a “boy”.

  3. How absolutely adorable are these ideas! I wish these were available the last time I was pregnant. I am thrilled to share these with a few pregnant ladies that I know personally!

  4. very cute ideas. we’ve been on the naughty list is too funny. I dont think I’ll be needing any of these anytime soon but some friends of mine definitely will!

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