5 Cool Sites for Custom & Personalized Pregnancy Announcement Cards

Spread the word about your good news in your own unique style with these 5 cool sites that offer custom and personalized pregnancy announcement cards!

Are you looking for an original way to announce your pregnancy? How about doing it with custom and personalized pregnancy announcement cards. Expecting a baby is major, exciting.  You don’t want to just post on Facebook that you are pregnant, this is a big announcement!  You want to let everyone know in style, and these 5 cool sites I found can help you do that.  I have taken the liberty of narrowing down your search for the right site to use for your pregnancy announcement cards!

Custom & personalized pregnancy announcement cards from sites we LOVE

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Zazzle: This is a great place to start.  You can customize your announcement and make it 100% your own, or you can use one of their over 2,000 templates.  I prefer to create it all my own, but sometimes I check out the templates for ideas.  You do not have to use a photo if you didn’t get the chance to take any, or just don’t like the ones you have (some of us tend to feel just ‘fat’ in the first trimester, instead of pregnant).  Their prices vary, but you can choose from over 2,500 designs under $5.  Check out their site to find the best one for you.

Tiny Prints: There are so many options here for custom & personalized pregnancy announcement cards to narrow your search so you can find the best card for you.  Some you can use a photo, some don’t, others you can change the color schemes so it is customized just for you.  This is announcing a very important addition to your family, you want it to be just right!  Tiny Prints prices are a bit more easy on the wallet as most of them are a little over $1 each.  Go to their site and start playing around  

Cardstore: If you haven’t checked out the Cardstore (by Hallmark) you are really missing out!  They have super great deals all the time too!  I once got my daughter a personalized birthday card for free (shipping was free too!) because of a code I had and promotions they had.  At the time that I checked the site, they had about 9 pregnancy announcements for you to choose from.  These are actual bi-fold cards, so you can write a message on the inside.  They aren’t so bad on the budget either.  

Purple Trail: This site has a bunch to choose from!  Individual cards are as low as just above $1.  You have many options on this site, some you can use your own photos and some are more generic that you can personalize.  The bottom left on all the displays shows you what kind of card, whether it’s a bi-fold or tri-fold, or a postcard style.  Check out what they have to offer!

Greetings Island: Greetings Island has a few options for your pregnancy announcement cards, they are necessarily my style, but that doesn’t mean you won’t like them.  Just like the other sites, some allow you to use a photo and some are more generic.  These are actually free printables!  So if price is a concern for you, this might be the site you want to check out first.  Who doesn’t like free.  I have not used this site, so I can not attest to the quality of the print.  Check out their site and see what you like!

Some people aren’t photo people.  Those are the people you get Christmas cards from that don’t have their kids on the front.  That is ok, not everyone is.  That’s why all of these sites offer a generic pregnancy announcement card option so you don’t need a photo to announce your amazing news!  

What kind of person are you, photo or non-photo?  If you have any other great sites you have used to announce your big news, share it with us below!

35 thoughts on “5 Cool Sites for Custom & Personalized Pregnancy Announcement Cards”

  1. We didn’t do any pregnancy announcements like this, but we did go all our with newborn photos and birth announcements. It is so fun to share good news!

  2. I won’t be needing pregnancy announcements but I do need some graduation ones! I’ll have to check these sites out and see what choices are there!

  3. I have heard of Tiny Prints and know they’re popular. I’ve never accessed the site though. I’ll have to give it a try.

  4. Those cards are really cute. I love that one with the stork most of all. I will share this with my stepdaughter who just got married. She might be needing some ideas soon. :)

  5. Very cute announcements! I wish I had known about these sites when I had my little guy, my sister just got married on Saturday though, so maybe in a few years I can help her choose announcements!!

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I didn’t go all out when I announced mine, but I think some of these are really cute. What fun ways to make the announcement.

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