5 Awkward Pregnancy Announcements to Avoid

Want to share your big news in the most epic way possible? Avoid these five awkward pregnancy announcements! You’ll thank us later!

If you use any type of social media, surely you’ve seen your share of pregnancy announcements. From chalkboard signs to announcements using ultrasounds, there are endless ways to announce the future arrival of a baby. Everyone wants to share the special news in a unique way and while unique is good, some people’s idea of standing out from the crowd is taken a little too far. Sometimes new parents-to-be get a little overly creative and the end result is a confusing pregnancy announcement. Here are 5 failed and super awkward pregnancy announcements that you won’t want to use.

5 Awkward Pregnancy Announcements to Avoid

1. The “we aren’t ready image” We’re all in agreement that baby announcement photos should be full of smiles and happiness. However, some couples take pictures where dad-to-be or even mom-to-be look less than thrilled to be expecting. As funny as these pictures can be, we prefer smiling pictures with two blushing future-parents!

2. The “guess who is pregnant photo” We get it, most men have bellies due to too much beer, too much food, or both. However, if you are planning to announce your pregnancy by showing off your man’s belly, we suggest finding another route! Your family and friends really do not want to see your boyfriend or husband’s balloon-shaped stomach. Just show us your growing bump instead!

3. Using food to announce the news Using Prego sauce to announce your wedding or eating a plate full of food while dad-to-be eats scraps was cute years ago. These images are so overdone and overused. The creativity and uniqueness has definitely worn off. Skip this one

4. Posting pictures of your pregnancy test We get it, the positive pregnancy test is the bearer of good news; however, people on social media really don’t want to see it! Not only is this method lacking in creativity, there’s just something odd about looking at a pee stick!

5. Painted bumps or painted people When done properly, and by a skilled artist, a painted baby bump can look beautiful! However, we have seen a few bumps that look like they were painted by a 5-year-old. Also, if you’re going this route, please only paint your bump! Don’t paint your entire body and for the love of our sanity please don’t paint and include the baby’s father in the picture too. That is just too much!

Okay, so if done right, some of these could actually come out cute. Honestly, it’s all a matter of personal taste. What is awkward to me might be the ultimate pregnancy announcement to someone else!

How did you announce your pregnancy? Did social media have an important role in announcing the big news? We want to know more about it!

9 thoughts on “5 Awkward Pregnancy Announcements to Avoid”

  1. Censie 'Mumby' Sawyer

    So funny. People really do the weirdest things. I think the pregnancy test pictures are weird – hey you peed on that! ha!! Some of the announcements can be cute though.

  2. Back when I was pregnant with my kids (before social media) this was never a thing. So it’s fun to see what people are coming up with these days. I must not know enough people who are pregnant because I’ve yet to come across most of these you mentioned (thankfully!)

  3. Ann Bacciaglia

    People are getting so creative with their pregnancy announcements. I have seen some really cute ones and some really weird ones. We told our family by showing them the ultrasound photos.

  4. I never announced my pregnancies other than the regular old boring “Hey… GUESSS WHAT?!” Verbiage. Which was just fine for me. Some of these ones I have seen lately blow me away.

  5. Haha, this funny. I’ve never really announced our pregnancy. We just made a few calls to our parents and word spread like wildfire lol. I’ve seen the pregnancy test photo on Facebook a bunch of times haha.

  6. Never had to announce a pregnancy yet but yeah I am one of the people who can see a poorly done announcement. I think ultra sounds should be added to the list. I think they are redundant and I really think people should try to be more creative…I agree no more hubby bellys, prego annoucements or pee sticks!

  7. Chasity Boatman

    I’ve seen all of these. We announced our pregnancy this December with our son opening up a Christmas present with our baby’s ultrasound in the box. We really loved it.

  8. Oh,you made my morning. These 5 Awkward pregnancy announcements were so funny. I never say anyone use food to make the big announcement. I have seen the pregnancy test. Oh, my. I would be tempted to do the look like I am not happy about the announcement photo, but my friends would know I was miserable on purpose. Thanks for a fun read!

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