Natural Childbirth Methods: There’s More than One Way to Have a Baby!

I wish I knew that there were so many natural childbirth methods during my pregnancy. The Bradley Method, Lamaze, Alexander technique- how do you know which is right for you?

Think there’s only one way to have a baby when it comes to natural childbirth methods? Think again! While many natural childbirth methods have common aspects, each method offers a little something different. If you’re planning to go the natural route, knowing which method is right for you can mean the difference between success and screaming for an epidural at the last moment.

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Natural Childbirth Methods: Which is Right For You?

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common natural childbirth methods. Each technique has far more details than we can cover in one article, so I suggest checking out the recommended resources for a deeper look at those that pique your interest.


The Lamaze childbirth method is by far the most well-known. The method was developed by a man named Dr. Ferdinand Lamaze in Russia. During your Lamaze classes, you’ll learn how to  use deep breathing exercising and concentration to distract yourself from the pain of contractions. Your partner also learns massage techniques to help you along. Visit for more information.

Bradley Method

The Bradley Method, created by Dr. Robert Bradley back in the 1940s, teaches you how your body works during labor and delivery. Each student gets a handbook that explains the natural processes your body undergoes and how you can prepare yourself to deal with them without medication. You’ll also have access to a Doula to help you through the process.

One really interesting thing covered in the Bradley Method: how to reduce the chances of tearing so you won’t need an episiotomy, how to reduce the risk of needing a c-section and, best of all in my opinion, how to make the best of a c-section should you need one. Since I needed an emergency c-section, that part would really have helped me! Learn more here:

Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique isn’t just a natural childbirth method, it’s a whole way of life. It’s an educational method that’s been used for over a century to teach people to change faulty habits in posture. Basically, the way you stand and sit can affect every part of your body. The technique has great results in helping people overcome chronic pain and increase athletic performance, but how does that translate into the delivery room?

Basically, by practicing the Alexander technique throughout your pregnancy, you’re setting up your body for a more relaxed position during delivery. You’ll have better control over your posture and positioning, which can go a long way to relieving pain. Obviously, it’s a bit more involved than that, but this gives you the gist. The great thing about the Alexander technique is that you’ll use what you learn long after delivery.

For more information on the Alexander technique, visit: 

Alternative Natural Childbirth Methods


While the three natural childbirth methods above are the most popular “official” methods, they’re certainly not the only ways to have your baby naturally. There are dozens- if not hundreds- of other methods. Water births, for example, are becoming increasingly common. Other methods include spiritualism, energy-based methods (channeling positive energy through thought, environment, and so on), hypnosis and more.

Do these alternative natural childbirth methods work? Honestly, that’s up to you to decide. If you have an open mind, they’re more likely to work for you. If you go into it thinking they’re silly, then no, they’re certainly not going to work. All natural childbirth methods have one major thing in common: mind over matter. You have to believe they will work, whether we’re talking about deep breathing or channeling spirits. Your mind is a powerful tool. If your mind is telling your body that your method isn’t working, it’s going to fail.

One more thing: only YOU know what is right for your body. If you opt for a natural childbirth method that’s off the beaten path and anyone gives you a hard time, tell them they can have an opinion when they can jump in your body and take over the pain. Otherwise, back off bub! If you opt to NOT go the natural childbirth route, that’s fine too.

Have you tried any of these natural childbirth methods? Which one worked best for you?




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