Natural Birth: Advantages and Disadvantages

 Check out the pros and cons of a natural birth before you deliver.
The benefits and cons of going natural in birth are still contested by health professionals and experts. It is up to the mother to decide what is best for baby and herself. Make an informed decision based upon the facts. A natural birth does not suit everybody, so be prepared to take a decision either way. So does having a natural birth benefit you and the child?
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Here are some benefits of a natural birth

1. Without pain relief you can feel your reflex’s more enabling you to push more. This can reduce the time you are in labor.
2. Many mothers believe the recovery time after birth is reduced with pain relief. Many feel they can eat right after birth which in turn can help you feel much better.
3. Pain during labor serves a purpose, it helps guide the mother into the correct positions for birth.
4. The fact you are not attached to an IV or a monitor, moving around is much easier. Sometimes going for a short walk can help.
5. You don’t lose any sensation or alertness during the birth and this can help the whole process along and get the birth over quickly.
6. Many women have a strong sense of empowerment after completing a natural birth and many go on to having another natural birth when having their next child.

7. Avoid having a cesarean section – Women who go into a natural birth are more likely to avoid having cesarean, this means no scar and less pain after birth. Statistics indicates 50 to 75% who have an induced labor need a cesarean section.

Disadvantages of having a natural birth.

1. Natural births don’t eliminate pain, an epidural works quickly to null pain.
2. An Epidural means women can save energy during labor; this can be a big advantage in the case of a long labor.
3. If you need to have cesarean section then your dosage can just be tapered up.
4. In rare cases, natural childbirth can have an increased risk of blood loss. This mostly occurs when the labor is prolonged and there is tearing involved. Also, extremely high blood pressure that can result from the pain response may increase the risk of hemorrhaging.
Don’t jump into a decision about natural birth, talk to your doctor and find out what is best for you. If you have a low pain threshold then having pain relief may be for you. Remember there are cases where intervention will be needed to help baby.
Some women are unable to choose epidural because of spinal injury and IV pain medications can be ruled out due to allergies or addition problems in the past. There are many different opinions on this subject so take you time to work out the best options for you!
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