Should You Considering Using a Midwife During Your Pregnancy & Delivery?

It is a personal choice, but there are benefits to having a midwife during your pregnancy. Check out a few reasons why you may want one.

What are the benefits to having a midwife?  It really is a personal choice when it comes to who is going to monitor your care while pregnant.  We all know (or maybe we don’t) how doctors can be.  They typically are rushed and crunched for time when it comes to meeting with patients.  A midwife has a softer and gentler bedside manner.  She will get to know you in a way maybe a doctor just can not.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great doctors, but as a general rule, they are always rushed.  That being said, here are some of the benefits to having a midwife.

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Benefits to Having a Midwife

What is a midwife?

A midwife is typically a woman, who is a trained professional to help care for women to ensure healthy pregnancies, optimal births and help in postpartum care once the little bundle of joy arrives.  While you are pregnant, a midwife seeks to use the least invasive procedures as possible for your pregnancy and delivery.  A midwife is going to monitor you from a holistic outlook and care for not only your physical wellbeing but also your psychological and social well-being.

They foster relationships:

Unlike the cold bedside manner of most doctors (totally my opinion), midwives take the time to get to know you, and you wants and needs during your pregnancy.  I chose to see midwives for both of my pregnancies; they were unable to birth my children, as both were born by cesarean section. However, they were there for me during the entire pregnancy.  My children are five years apart and the midwives I had during my pregnancy with my daughter remembered me when I went back pregnant with my son!  What a warm and comforting feeling that was!

What are the benefits to having a midwife?

There are many benefits to having a midwife follow your care during your pregnancy and birth as opposed to having a doctor monitor you.

  • Studies show that having a midwife reduces the chance of being induced or having your labor augmented in some way.
  • There is also a decreased risk of having to deliver via cesarean section.
  • Having a midwife has also shown to decrease the risk of preterm births and infant mortality.

The best part of having a midwife might just be the fact that you can have a home birth!  Of course, if you are a high-risk pregnancy, you may need more medical intervention. However, that does not mean you can not have a midwife.  She has many resources at her disposal to help give you the best care.

Having a midwife during your pregnancy is a great option!  You will get a more personalized experience.  They will advocate for you and your wants and needs during your pregnancy and when it comes to the birth.  Especially if a home birth is something you wish to experience, you will only get that with a midwife.

Did you have a midwife for your pregnancy?  Are you trying to decide now to go with a midwife or not?  Share your experiences with us below in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Should You Considering Using a Midwife During Your Pregnancy & Delivery?”

  1. I love that we can choose what’s best for us. I never thought of having a midwife with my first pregnancy due to a lot of complications. When I got pregnant with my second I had the same doctor and I love her so I did’t think of getting a midwife then either. My current doctor doesn’t do births anymore so I may looking into a midwife

  2. My friend had a Midwife for her last child. It was an amazing experience. The level of care she received was phenomenal. The appointments were not rushed like at the OB. She had a beautiful home birth and the midwife came to the house for all the followup appointments for the next two weeks. It was great not having to take the baby out in the cold weather to see the Doctor. I would definitely recommend a Midwife.

  3. I didn’t have a midwife when I was pregnant. It definitely has it’s benefits! Thanks for the details about this.

  4. I’ve never tried yet of having a midwife, I had two kids and when I’m in pregnancy it’s all physician. Good to know these good feedback of having the midwife.

  5. Although I am not a mother I have worked with a lot of children from all age ranges and I think that it is important to foster relationships with services from a young age!

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I wanted an actual physician present when I gave birth, but it’s definitely something every mom needs to figure out for herself.

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