7 of the Funniest Things Said During Labor

We’ve all heard (and said) some of the craziest things in the midst of childbirth. Check out 7 of the funniest things anyone has ever said during labor!

Labor has got to be one of those times in a woman’s life that is full of every emotion imaginable. From happiness to immense pain to anxiety, labor brings out the best, worst and sometimes the funniest in us. If you’ve ever been in labor, you probably remember saying and doing some things you normally wouldn’t. For some women, childbirth temporarily turned them into comics. Here are 7 of the funniest things said during labor.

Funniest Things Said During Labor

1. “JUST GET HIM OUT! Sometimes during labor, you really are just ready to be done with the whole process. Being pregnant for 9 months takes a physical and mental toll and labor is truly the cherry on top. We agree with this mom!

2. “That’s not my baby” Babies don’t always come out looking how we expect them to. Some are born with unexpected hair, eye, or skin color. In the moment, it may be hard to think that the kid is yours, even though it obviously is!

3. “I just pushed that out of THAT?” Labor in itself is beautiful but it is sometimes amazing (and a bit shocking!) to realize where babies come from. This quote proves just how amazing the female body is.

4. “The baby is cheesy.” Unlike in the movies and television shows, we know that babies don’t come out clean and clear. This mom’s baby came out covered in vernix which can look a bit like cheese! Too funny.

5. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” After hours of pushing and giving it everything you’ve got, no mom wants to hear the dreaded four letter word, “push.” We don’t blame any mom for any words that escape after being told to continue pushing!

6. “Are you crocheting down there?” Tearing during labor sometimes happens which of course means the doctor has some patching up to do. The process of sewing up the tear can be time-consuming and you too may think that your doctor is crocheting a sweater down there!

7. “The other moms should be scared!” A woman’s strength and fierceness really come out when she is delivering a child. Not only is the process long and hard but it takes a lot out of a mom. In the hospital or while at home, don’t be afraid to let it all out!

What was your labor like? Do you
remember saying anything funny or unusual? Tell us your story, the good, bad, ugly and funny!

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  1. I was given combined spinal-epidural anesthesia for my
    C-section, as the anesthesiologist passed by, I slapped him on his rear and told him he was fine like wine. The entire operating room laughed & I was then strapped down.

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