7 Fabulous Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes For The Mom To Be

Finding the right theme for a gender neutral baby shower can be simple! See our ideas for fun and creative themes to throw an amazing baby shower.

Is anyone else out there searching for ideas to create a beautiful gender neutral baby shower? Not long ago I mentioned that my friend is pregnant and waiting to find out the gender of her baby. While I was racking my brain for a gender neutral baby gift, my friend’s sister was worried about what theme to pick for the baby shower. I offered to help her plan and found some adorable ideas that I had to share! Don’t limit yourself, these ideas would also work for gender reveal parties. Here are some of my favorite gender neutral baby shower themes!

7 Fabulous Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

We Love You Already


So you know all those pretty parties you see online with the super striking color combos and modern patterns? Who says baby showers have to be in pale pinks or blues? I love this color combo of teal, black, and gold. The “We Love You Already” theme gives you a great springboard for showcasing the excitement around the baby. Gorgeous!

Sweet Duckies


Rubber Ducky, you’re the one… to make an adorable baby shower! Everyone will be all smiles when they see all of these sunny duckies at your baby shower. Go for sunny decorations and hand out bubbles for some adorable pictures! Cute duckies is a classic gender neutral baby shower theme, but it can be so cute it’s hard to resist.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


This shower idea really melts my heart, but I’m a little partial since we have an astronomer in our family. What an adorable theme Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is for a shower! Keep the décor in black, cream and glittery gold with lots of adorable stars. If I choose this idea, I am totally making star sandwiches with a star cookie cutter. This idea is one of my favorites.

Chic Owls


Owls are not a new theme for baby showers, but most of them I have seen before are more gender specific. Check out this owl themed shower in fall colors, how adorable! The featured shower is for a girl, but that theme is totally neutral and SO cute!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Ohh, this is the perfect idea for a winter shower! Baby, It’s Cold Outside is an easy theme to pull together. You could keep everything white and silver with lots of sparkly snowflakes, or throw in some blue to pull the cold theme together. I am picturing sparkling snowflake garlands, hot chocolate and lots of fun!

Polka Dot Sprinkles


Why stick with one color when you could use all the colors of the rainbow? This shower is technically designed as a “sprinkle,” also known as a smaller shower type party thrown for a second or third child. You could easily run with the Sprinkle theme (which I may for my friend!) or if it is a first child throw yourself fully into rainbow polka dots. Either way, the party will be a blast, and you should definitely cover any of your sweet treats in rainbow sprinkles!

Cute As A Button


This theme is so adaptable; you will wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner! You can easily adapt this idea to any shower and almost any color scheme. I especially love the idea of creating button decorations out of paper plates to hang everywhere. The details are where it is at for this shower. I can see playing the cloth pin game with buttons glued onto the cloth pins. This idea almost screams “Pick me!”

So readers, which theme should I use for my friend’s shower? Do you have a favorite gender neutral baby shower idea? Tell me in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “7 Fabulous Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes For The Mom To Be”

  1. Good to have ideas to mix things up a bit, most people opt for yellow or mint green when they don’t know the sex. I like the poster who mentioned where she lives they do the shower after the baby is born, I have never heard of it done that way but I love that idea!

  2. I love all of these ideas! I’m pregnant with my first and we want to keep everything as gender neutral as possible. Definitely going to keep these in mind for our shower!

  3. These are some very nice themes. I really like the very first one. The We Love You Already one. I love all the colors. Very pretty.

  4. These are all awesome gender neutral baby shower themes. I love the rubber ducky one and the button one too. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  5. These are great baby shower themes. My friend just found out she is expecting. I will have to share this with her. They do not want to find out the gender until birth.

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